The Pretty Qualities; Integrity

Integrity, such a powerful word, yet not many know the true meaning.

‘Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did or not’. Oprah Winfrey


My ‘word’ used to be balance, but recently I realised that I have successfully found the balance in my life that I was searching for. My word now was integrity;

  1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Integrity is having ethics; morals and being trustworthy. Doing exactly what you say you will, when you say you will and  living a life exactly as you say you do.

‘Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity’. W. Clement Stone

If you want to live a life of wellness; it is essential to act with integrity. To speak and live your truth. (Why I classified it a ‘ pretty’ quality).

Thought: If you were as valuable as your word, how valuable would you be?

Integrity means to honour your word. Can people trust you? Are you responsible? Reliable? Integrity as a quality means that you do the right thing and people find you trustworthy and reliable (important characteristics for any relationship) . Integrity means that you are honest, about yourself, everything that you are,  including your past.


Be true to you…

What are your morals? What do you believe in (Respect, honesty, trust)?  To truly act with integrity you must know what your morals are.

Do you believe in treating people with respect yet are disrespectful to those around you?

Do you always say you will do something, that never seems to get done? Do you always commit yet never seem to follow through?

‘Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. SAy only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. ‘ Miguel Angel Ruiz

Integrity is about being true to yourself, to who you are, knowing what you belive in and acting it out everyday.

‘The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, charachter, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. ‘Zig Ziglar’



For some us, we are still on the journey to discovering our true selves…(there is no rush). If you are unsure about your morals adn ethics take some time, on your own, and reflect, what do you believe in? Once you know what it is that you believe in you can conciosucly act with integrity every day.

‘Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. ‘Ralph Waldo Emerson




The more I am focusing on acting with integrity, the stronger relationships I am building and the better  my life is becoming.  If I say I will do something, I will (reliability). If Im unsure that I can, I will tell you (honesty).

Be honest with those around you, its much better then over commitiing and being dissappointment.

Love & light, Charlie x.







Monday Motivation…


Today I would like to share with you ‘The Nutrition guru and The Chef’, a husband; The Chef, and wife; the Nutrition guru living the healthy living dream on qlds beautiful Sunshine Coast (the chef factor definitely helps!)


NBB: The Nutrition guru and the Chef are well renowned for your healthy, (delicious), nutritious meals. What do you attribute this success to?

Our recipes haven’t been designed to follow the latest health or nutrition fad, only to please our own bellies and taste buds. Most importantly, they are designed to pack a nutritional punch using ingredients that are inexpensive and readily available. I think because of this, our readers are able to make the recipes quite easily, enjoy the final product and at the same time, know that it is relatively healthy for them.

I never tell people what NOT to eat. I find many health pages focused on outlining all the frightening facts about junk food eg, the terrible aspects of margarine, the cancer causing effects of soft drink and the sins of nitrates which personally drive me nuts.  I find that it does get a lot of people reading and interested in the material, but in reality does not necessarily convert to long time healthy eating habits.  Instead, I only focus on outlining the positive benefits of foods, nutrients and behaviours we could be doing MORE of.

‘To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.’ Buddha


NBB: When did you decide to you wanted to be involved in the Nutrition, health, wellness industry?

I was a dancer for almost 20 years and then moved into the fitness industry as a personal trainer so being active has always been a part of me.

5 years ago I had to have a large surgery on my hip and I was in a wheelchair for 4 months. I had to think seriously about a long-term career which wasn’t so reliant on peak physical fitness, so I went and studied a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and here I am!

NBB: How does it feel, living your dream?

I couldn’t imagine not filling life with things that make me happy. It’s not always possible for us to do, as there are always stages in life where it isn’t always possible to do what makes us happy, but I believe we do have to strive to make those moments happen. We can’t wait for them to come to us, if we aren’t doing what  makes us happy, we have to go actively make changes to live our dream.

‘The groundwork of all happiness is health.’James Leigh Hunt

NBB: How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor?

I have never considered myself as being inspirational but it is something I most definitely aspire to be. It always nice to receive emails from readers who say that I have inspired them to make changes in their life, whether that is that they have revamped their diet and lost weight, or took 5 minutes to just stop and relax. We all have a reason to be here in this life, and I feel blessed to have found my purpose and look forward to building on that and using it to reach as many people as I can in order to put a smile on loads of people’s dial!


NBB: Has there been any challenges along your journey?

I have experienced ill-health for the past several years which has prevented me from reaching the goals I had set out to achieve. I keep coming up against road blocks and this is very challenging and upsetting, but I have now learned that the challenges we all come across aren’t there simply to make us mad. They are there as part of the overall big picture to steer us in the direction we need to go. If we can adapt to changes and road blocks in the plan, then we are well on the path to the most fantastic adventure.

‘The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease. ‘ Thomas Edison

NBB: What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

Well, a dream is just that – a dream. Something that is in your thoughts but doesn’t actually happen. So, you can let it remain a dream or actually make it a goal. Once it is a goal, you can put steps in place to actually make it happen. Once you have a dream, no matter how crazy it is, then acknowledge it and sit down and actively work out how to change it from a dream into a goal and then a goal into reality.

NBB: What can we look forward to next from you?

Lots of great things. Top secret!

NBB: Top 3 healthy tips/advice?

Focus on what foods you could eat MORE of, rather than what foods you should be eating less of. Choose one thing in your diet that you would like to change, and focus on that as your goal for 1 week. Once you have mastered that change for 7 continuous days, add another goal and repeat. You won’t get anywhere if you want to change every single thing about your diet at once, your brain and emotions will explode. Carbs are not the enemy. All too often I see people cut carbs completely of their diet due to fear and incorrect information they have read on the web. When, all they need to do is switch to a whole grain variety and reduce the portions. Carbs are extremely important for our brain and immune function as well as our  mood and with life already being hectic and stressful enough, carbs as a very important part of a healthy diet.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Ann

NBB: Share something no one knows…

My pet hate is washing up cutlery. I can’t stand it and always leave it for The Chef to wash up.

Our Facebook page is

Or join the blog to stay up to date with the latest adventures and fabulous recipes!


You can do anything you put your mind to, anything you believe you can achieve…YOU CAN.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday, start your day and week the right way. And why not share some love today 🙂

Love & Light, Charlie x.

Self Love dedication…

Today I want to take a moment and dedicate my Self Love Sunday with the beautiful (inside and out) people in my life.


Throughout my own journey to wellness I have discovered that there are many different types of people out there; people who are naturally kind, some who aren’t, people who are positive, and others that aren’t, so recently I’ve been spending time reflecting on the people who I have in my life.

‘You are only as good as the   surround yourself with, so be brave enough to let go of the people weighing you down.’

I was recently discussing this with a close friend*; life gets busy, people make demands and have high expectations. How do you decide where and who to invest your time in wisely without any hurt feelings?

I know for myself I never intentionally set out to hurt anyone, yet Im sure it happens.

*This friend is someone who after months of training at the same gym, same time, everynight, we eventually became friends (it was a compliment on a Lorna Jane piece that got it started, compliments do get you everywhere) and it was the beginning of something special (I’m sure you’ve met those people, you just ‘get’).

I went through a ‘party’ stage, where EVERYONE was your friend (at the nightclub) until,


 the next day…these are artificial friends. It’s easy to get caught up in this, and it feels good (at the time), however how good is it really for your life? Your wellbeing?

During our discussion we started to speak about how some ‘friends’ are fake, they actually do not want to see you happy or successful and aren’t truly supportive of you; a true case of keep your enemy’s closer.

‘Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself – and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is.’Jim Morrison

And an even newer trend..the Facebook friend, who you actually never see, may cancel on you every time you have a date, yet is all over facebook about ‘loving’ you.

‘A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care to acquire’. Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

It’s a complicated world. How are we meant to know true friends vs fake?

True friends are like diamonds; precious and rare’.

I’ve been thinking about the different types of ‘friendships’ over the past few days, and yes, I have definitely had my share of good and bad, and yes I have also been the bad friend. My thinking brought me to the realisation; I am so lucky to have the people I have in my life, true friends who understand the meaning of the word friendship.


So if we are as successful as the people we surround ourselves with, how successful will you be?

Such a  strong statement but oh so true. Think about the types of conversations you have with the Mentors/successful/positive people in your life? Compare them to the conversations with the opposite types of people, how are you left feeling after them? When you take a moment to think about it, its very clear where you should invest your time and energy.

Be the type of person others want to be around; do you breed positivity, are you enthusiastic?

What if we stopped discussing the ‘bad’ things and started celebrating the ‘good’?


So today, my Self Love Sunday is dedicated to the beautiful (on the inside and outside) people in my life who believe in me, who appreciate our friendship and who I am SO thankful for.

A Self love message; let go of Self Doubt; YOU can do anything you dream of. Surround yourself with people who believe in the beauty of your dreams. And be a good friend; believe in the beauty of theirs.

Now after writing all morning, its time for an Organic lunch, HIIT sprints and yoga with one of my lovely girlfriends.

Love & Light, Charlie x.


Raw Chocolate Protein Mousse

Thursday Treat!

I should let you in on a secret…I have a love affair with food…every single type of food, I absolutely delight in its pleasure. Now as I am currently preparing for a Fitness Model competition, I am monitoring my daily intake, Macros (food qualities) and Insulin levels, so my sweet treats are now a weekly treat. Needless to say, I get (just a LITTLE) excited when its my Sunday relax, rest & TREAT day.

You may have seen or heard of people who completely binge eat when they get their ‘cheat’ meal, eating to the point of distension and disgust with yourself (yes, I have experienced this). I now prefer a ‘treat’ meal; something that is rewarding for my body, yet still as clean as possible, rather than a dirty ‘cheat’ meal.

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”  Jess C. Scott


Treat Vs Cheat:

Treat: an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

Cheat: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

The words alone have immense psychological difference…You treat yourself as a reward for your hard work (followed by satisfaction, sense of wellbeing and contentment), you cheat because you feel restricted (which is then followed by guilt, disappointment, and regret).

“It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.”   Steve Maraboli




A delicious, nourishing, rewarding Treat meal (be warned; it tastes so good, it’s always best to share with a loved one; SHARING IS CARING)

RAW Chocolate Protein Mousse



20 Medijool Dates (pitted)

2 cups Pecans

1 cup Almonds

2/3 cup Cacao (my favourite Superfood, high in antioxidants…no guilt!)

3 tbs Coconut oil


4 RIPE Avocados

2 cups Raw Cacao

1 cup Rice Syrup

2  tsp Vanilla

2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar

4 scoops BNRG ProtoWhey Chocolate

1/4 cup water


Add Base ingredients (Almonds, Pecans, dates, Cacao & Coconut oil) into the food processor. Process until its well blended and sticks together. Press down firmly and evenly  into a spring form dish.

Add all filling ingredients (Avocados, Raw Cacao, Rice Syrup, Vanilla, Balsamic vinegar, Protowhey and water) into the food processor, process until you get a thick mousse consistency. *If you want to make this ‘cleaner; use 1 cup water instead of the Rice Syrup, you may need to add 1 tsp of coconut oil for consistency).

Spread the Mousse mix evenly over the base.

Top with any topping of your choice; Cacao nibs, raspberries, strawberries, coconut.

Freeze for 2 hrs. Remove from freezer 10 minutes prior to serving.



Hope you have an absolutely gorgeous day!

Love & Light, Charlie x.


Liquid Gold; Vitamin B

There are some things in life that just make you feel ‘happy’. For me, a daily dose of Liquid Vitamin B does that. In fact, I will notice when I’m not getting enough, (or perhaps may have been slightly lazy and ‘forgotten’ to take it) as I will feel generally in a ‘slump’/unmotivated/no energy.


‘The greatest wealth is health’

So, Vitamin B, what’s so great about it? How can it be so good, to deserve to be referred to as Liquid Gold?

Firstly Vitamin B Is a water-soluble group of 8 vitamins that are essential for energy production, red blood cell production and my favourite; managing stress. Considering there are 13 Vitamins essential for body functions, the Vitamin B group contains 8; I would rate it relatively important.

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

Essential for ATP (energy) production from (glucose) Carbohydrates and plays a role in the nervous system.

Food Source: dark green leafy vegetables, fortified whole-grain cereals, Almonds, Lentils.

  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

Promotes growth, metabolism and healthy vision.

Food Source: Milk and milk products such as yogurt and cheese are rich in riboflavin.  Asparagus, spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables, chicken.

  • Vitamin B3 (niacin or niacinamide)

(My #1 favourite of the B group) Plays an essential role in the metabolism of Glucose, fat and alcohol. It is also essential for good skin & digestive system health. (Often used in professional skin care products to calm, heal and promote optimal skin health).

Food Source:

  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

Assists metabolism of food. Plays a role in the nervous system and skin.

  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, or pyridoxamine, or pyridoxine hydrochloride)

Also referred to as ‘the Mood’ Vitamin, B6 assists normal brain function, immune system and health, and steroid hormone activity.

Food Source: Poultry, seafood, bananas, leafy green vegetables such as spinach.

  • Vitamin B7 (biotin)(vitamin H)

Required for energy production,  fat & glycogen synthesis

Food Source: Salmon, Avocado (small quantities in fruit in vegetables).

  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

Required to form red blood cells which deliver oxygen throughout the body. Folate is suggested when planning a pregnancy or pregnant as it promotes DNA synthesis and cell growth (can also lower the risk of Spina Bifida in the baby).

Food Source: Leafy greens such as spinach and turnip greens and other fresh fruits and  vegetables (think Foliage).

  • Vitamin B12 (various cobalamins; commonly cyanocobalamin in vitamin supplements)

Essential for the Nervous system (protects the Myelin surrounding the nerve cells). Great for stress, depression, nervous disorders. Energy production (conversion of Glucose from carbohydrates into energy), can promote ‘good’ overall health.

Food source: Fish, Cheese, Eggs.


Being a water-soluble Vitamin it is easily flushed through & destructed in the body (the body can only store B12 & folate in the liver). It is easily destroyed when cooking  and processing food. Stress, alcohol, and poor diets will all deplete (attack) your Vitamin B levels. sugar directly attacks Vitamin B3, reducing its effect.

Vitamin B has been tested and studies are continuing about the effects of Vitamin B to assist depression and anxiety, Vitamin B12 and Folate in particular. Participants who received Vitamin B daily, were more successful at treating the symptoms of depression then those who didn’t. B vitamins are also essential for the production and proper functioning of several neurotransmitters including dopamine (the feel good hormone, pleasure experience).

Feeling stressed? Try incorporating Vitamin B every day (commit, change takes time), and see how you feel. As vitamin B is essential for energy production, normal brain function and Dopamine, it has been acknowledged to reduce stress levels.


Signs that you may be deficient:

*Low energy levels, fatigue.


*Dermatitis, Excema (a general redness over the face particular around the corners of the mouth).

*Stress; ‘on edge’ feeling.

‘To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom, and keep our mind strong and clear. Water surrounds the lotus flower, but does not wet its petals.”  ~Buddha


You can have your levels checked at you local GP, if you are deficient they may choose to ‘inject’ Vitamin B (approx. 3 months supply).

I chose to use Liquid Vitamin B (as I’m a little sensitive to tablets) and I believe that Liquid absorbs faster (for myself, remember we are all individuals, find out what works for you).

Now, I’m off to get my morning ‘happy’…

Have a gorgeous day.

Love & Light, Charlie x.

*Please remember; It is important not to self-diagnose a vitamin deficiency because some vitamins can be toxic if taken incorrectly. See your doctor or dietitian for advice.


The Dating Game

Have you ever felt like you were playing a game that you never realised you raised your hand to play?

I am a single girl, in the city. Fact. I am also a player in a game I never realised I was playing (and don’t really want to play)… The Dating GAME. Also fact.

And it is one confusing game.


After several conversations and time spent perceiving, it recently occurred to me (well, actually that’s a white lie, its been an ongoing realisation), I was not the only player left feeling confused with the rules; what was right, what was wrong? And when something doesn’t quite work out the way you had hoped, the following downward spiral of ‘what did I do, what’s wrong with me, what if I never find someone’ negative self thoughts.


The Dating industry is worth millions of dollars world-wide.

The dating books;

For Women:

Finding Mr right; A users guide to Men. Humfrey Hunter.

The Rules; Ellen Fein & Sherie Schneider. #1 New York times Best Seller; ‘One of the best self-help books of all time’ Elle Magazine; apparently Kate Middleton was a ‘Rules girl’ (if its good enough for K.Middy to get her prince, well…) and With four new titles released…I may be putting this on my ‘to buy’ list.

Make every man want you; Marie Forleo.

Act like a lady, think like a Man; Steve Harvey. This book was made into a movie (it was a box office #1), #1 best seller in 2009 and was featured on Oprah.

“Providing for the ones he loves and care about, whether it’s monetarily or with sweat equity, is part of a man’s DNA, and if he loves and cares for you, this man will provide for you all these things with no limits.”  Steve Harvey

Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl – A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship written by Sherry Argon is listed in the Top 10 dating books on Amazon (my bestfriend has this on her ‘to buy’ list).

Really? So, if this is true are you supposed to change the person you are to keep a man? Isnt that acting against the morals we were brought up with, honesty and integrity? Wouldn’t you feel slightly shady, (conniving) and perhaps like you were ‘tricking’ a man into being with you? I may be naive, but why should you have to pretend to be someone you’re not? Like the song by Cyndi Lauper, true colours will always shine through, then what happens?

For Men:

The Manual, what women want and how to give it to them; W.Anton.

The mystery method, the foolprouf way to get any woman you want into bed; Erik Von Markovik.

The Game; Neil Strauss.

You can read the difference in titles; Women, how to keep a man, Men, how to bed a woman.

How can this possibly be what dating, finding love has become about.

A favourite of mine…Hes just not that into you; Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo

We have all seen the movie, if you haven’t I suggest you do. These little words can be a revelation if your spending time over analysing if that person actually does like you (for guys and girls).

When did it become so complicated? My thoughts, women have a tendency to read everything that’s between the lines, whilst Men read everything that’s written on the lines (and sometimes not even all of that).

My advice (and I am no pro); spend time loving yourself first. As the famous saying goes; how can you expect someone to love you, if you don’t love yourself first? Perhaps spend time appreciating all that is good in your life, RIGHT now, and a little less time looking for someone to ‘save’ you. (I do think this is the best advice, because once you love yourself, everything falls into place).


Be true to who you are.

‘By being yourself you put something beautiful into the world that was not there before’ Edwin Elliot

Studies show the best relationships are not only when you connect with the other person, but when you are complimenting each others lives (rather than trying to fix or mend). Are you waiting for your ‘Prince charming’/The One/anyone to save you?

Rather then trying to play the game, I’m going to continue on my journey to finding love, being myself. Exactly as I am. Imperfectly perfect. (No, not an egotistical statement).

My beliefs:

*Honesty is (always) the best policy.

*When its right for you; you will know (it is true).



*Forget the Rules; be true to who you are.

*Stop trying to change someone. They are who they are.

*Communicate. No one has the ability to read your mind.

*Give love (and people) a chance.

*Let go of your expectations (you are only setting yourself up for disappointment).

*Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

“Men respect standards- get some!”  Steve Harvey

Have fun…relax…you never know what may happen, but at least you’ve met someone new, shared a moment (sometimes bad, I do understand) and improved your social skills.

Some people settle. Me, I personally love Carrie Bradshaw’s quote:

‘Some people are settling down. Some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies’.


This is not a Do’s and Donts of dating, as always its about Self Love. Take away what you like from this, I am no professional, and these are simply my reflections about the confusing world that is dating.

Love & Light, Charlie x.


Monday Motivation…Sally Matterson

Get up & get out of bed! Today is a brand NEW day to achieve something exciting.

And because we sometimes need that extra motivation on a Monday in particular it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Sally Matterson; Personal Trainer, international fitness Model & a personal source of inspiration for myself (In fact I hear Sally’s voice when I’m training, ‘you can do it Charlie’). Sally truly leads by example & is a role model for many.

sal1About Sally Matterson:

Fitness has always been of the utmost importance to Sally Matterson. Born in 1981 she spent sunny childhood days spent biking in the small country town where she was born, to kicking some serious butt over the last 10 years in the fast paced personal training world, This woman definitely packs a punch. Years of blood, sweat and serious dedication (forget the tears) have shaped Sally into one of the finest personal trainers and body sculpting experts in the country.

Family health scares coupled with a burning desire to feel as good as she did when she was a kid is all the ammunition Sally needs to stay on top of her gym loving game. Sally specialises in Online Body Transformation systems. These training systems are also available with Sally and her team at Anytime Fitness Randwick Sydney.

You are fast becoming a well-known personal trainer and Fitness model, why do you think that is?

I guess I have always been passionate about the industry and when your passionate about something it’s easy to lead by example. When you lead by example it becomes contagious. I also have developed personal training systems that encompass my 10years of experience in Personal Training and 5 years Fitness Model competing. Through sustainable nutrition and clever programming I now have the opportunity to share my knowledge in the online space. The systems of Personal Training are now available online which I am really excited about!

When did you decide to you wanted to start a business in the health industry?

In 2002 I was working in the fashion industry and having loved fitness and sport as a kid I got back into training after a long break during my design studies. I instinctively knew at that moment that when I was fit & strong I was so much happier. I was built for fitness and I was determined to make it my new career path. From then on I never looked back!

How does having a successful business feel?

Rewarding. Where there is hard work there is always reward and in this business you learn not only to deal with your clients but staff, management and other contributors that help your business grow. I have been in a position where you have to project manage and sometimes not always be the “friend” or “nice guy” which was a transition for me having been “just one of the trainer’s” where your only concern was your clients.  Would not change a thing as it’s been an awesome learning curve and will continue to be.

Has there been any challenges along your journey?

Great question. When you want to succeed so bad there will always be challenges. In my opinion though these are the things that make us stronger. The training and eating clean side is the easy part, it’s the other pressures of business that test you along the way. Balance I feel is the key in all aspects of life and have kept my sanity in challenging times.  Work, play and rest 🙂


How do you maintain balance between your Career and personal health?

Being in the health and fitness industry every time you teach someone to change their mindset you are reinforcing it to yourself. That’s why I love it so much. The biggest thing I have learnt is to set boundaries. What this means is to clearly and distinctly have a line drawn between work time and down time. I love helping people but I also know I am at my best when I give myself some “Sal” time. As the old saying goes your no good to anyone else without your health.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” Anthony Robbins
NBB: How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor?

Honestly I am just living my dream. I think when you see someone who leads by passion and purpose you want to follow. I have always enjoyed being a positive influence on people, in particular those closest to me. I always encourage people to be the best version of themselves and if I have helped them along the journey I have achieved my purpose.

‘It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it’. Epictetus
What do you believe are the keys to success in business?

Vision, consistency and determination. Without a vision you will not survive. Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion. Consistency is following through with your vision – without vision people lose the vitality that makes them feel alive. Determination is the desire to succeed regardless of you circumstances. You may have one dollar in the bank but have determination who knows what that dollar could turn into…


What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

Stay focused & determined. Don’t let anyone ever take control over what puts fire in your belly and makes you feel alive. We all can lose track and be lead astray buts it’s the most determined that survive. The most tenacious will rise up and achieve whatever it is they set out to achieve. When you do this others will come into your life that share that dream.

‘A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.’ Tom Stoppard

What can we look forward to next from you?

The launch of the Simple Clean and Lean eBook (any day now!) & my online training series the 6 Week Extreme Shredder is my little baby I have been working on and I am really excited to share it with the world! The secrets of my success can now be everyone’s (for a fraction of the cost mind you). I do have a show in Vegas in Sept which I am looking at catching up with some competitors I meet last year in LA. The US is my second home. Ideally I would one day LOVE to live there!
NBB: Share something no one knows…

I am in love…lol 🙂 I believe in having a life partner that believes in you and your vision. The special thing about my man is that he lost his leg in an accident last year and I tell you what this puts a daily perspective on the BS of life. He is such a determined, thoughtful, sometimes cheeky and I love him to death.



Instagram & Twitter @SallyMatterson

Follow Sally on Facebook 

The Simple Clean & Lean ebook is available at (register now to receive an early bird discount, I have), also the online SHREDDER program (perfect before Summer) is available (I just joined the 6 week program)

I sincerely thank Sally for her time. Her words have resonated with me this morning; determination & focus.

Love & Light, Charlie x.


Take a walk with Nature

My favourite day of the week…Sunday Self love day.

Today, I felt like I needed to get away from it all, to have a moment of peace and calm. So I took a walk with nature.


I let nature surround me. I felt the cool winters breeze caress my skin, marvelled at the way the sun shone down and provided me with  Vitamin D creating a sensation of wellbeing inside and out; the way the sun light is processed into Chlorophyll  to provide energy in the trees (photosynthesis); the way the trees are able to process Carbon Dioxide (toxins) into Oxygen; the way the clean fresh oxygen felt as I breathed in deeply, feeling every cell in my body celebrate. Fresh. Strong. Healthy.

There is a different feeling when you surround yourself with the natural beauty of nature.

it feels to me that my worries seem to melt away. There is a sense of calm that is created deep within me that is reassurance that everything will be ok.

When was the last time you stepped outside to appreciate the beautiful wonder of nature?


several studies have been conducted to prove that being in Nature has been proven to enhance your mood, reduce stress and decrease mental fatigue.

Just look at Wilderness therapy; where people are needing rehabilitation or to recover, needing to get back to ‘themselves’, and are sent out to live on minimal supplies, but to appreciate nature, to return to the basics. Most patients find themselves, literally, and a sense of wellbeing nad understanding, a sense of returning to life.

‘You come to the wilderness to get in touch with yourself…You don’t come out here to get away from it all, but to get back to it all. You don’t get lost out here, you find yourself. You come home to what’s important, you come home to yourself.’ Peter Dombrovskis

Interesting fact; research by Roger Ulrich, suggests that hospitalised patients with a view of nature compared to those with none, have experience improved recovery rates. Francis Kuo’s research has shown that contact with nature, even small green spaces can enhance a child’s ability to learn and pay attention.


‘Life and nature are similar concepts because nature is the study of how life  acts and interacts within the circle of existence. When we take the time to  examine the beauty of the world around us, we are able to see parallels within  our own lives. One who is attuned with nature is attuned with the practice of  living. All of nature moves in a spiral as do our personal lives. It is  important to spend time in nature because in this way we can become attuned to  its wisdom.’

‘If you ever suffer from insomnia, walk barefoot on the grass for ten minutes before getting into bed. Nature has a marvelous way of healing many maladies. Anytime in your life when you’re feeling out of sorts in any way, go to nature and find your peace.’ Dr Wayne Dyer



Nature has a restorative effect on us. Let it heal you. all you have to do is visit, pay your respects and appreciate.

So, get outside, sit calmly under a tree (this is how Buddha evolved), run with the wind, or swim in the ocean, whatever feels good for you. do it.

‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished’ Lao Tzu

Love & Light, Charlie x.

(Clean) Gluten free Protein pancakes

Mmm, pancakes! As I’m currently in preparation for a fitness Model competition, I have to monitor my calorie intake and ‘treats’.

A note to everyone out there, be careful of clean ‘treat’s, always remember, everything in moderation. Just because it is ‘clean’ (everybody’s version is different) it doesn’t mean you should over indulge (note to self, Charlie!)

So last weekend as my Sunday self-love, relax morning, I made (super) clean (fit my macro nutrient requirement) protein pancakes…



40g Quinoa

1/2 tsp cinnamon (excellent thermogenic properties)

1 serve Muscle Milk Vanilla*

1/2 cup water

50g Weight watchers cottage cheese (this is considered a ‘treat’)

1 tsp flax Lignans (excellent fibre source)

1 tsp Chia Seeds (superfood)

10 x Organic Blueberries


Pancakes: Mix Quinoa, Water, Muscle Milk, and Cinnamon, blend until smooth. Spoon 1/4 of the batter into a heated pan (use a drop of  virgin Olive oil). Flip when they take a ‘bubble’ texture. *I used silicone pancake moulds for circular size.

Cottage cheese Layers: Mix Cottage cheese, Lignans, Chia seeds. Add a small amount of water if you would like a smoother consistency. *you can add a natural sweetener if you are like me and have a sweet tooth.

Blueberrie sauce: Add approx. 1 tsp water to the organic blueberries and mix as much as you prefer to utilise the juice for drizzling.

Use 1 x pancake, layer with cottage cheese mix and top with blueberries, repeat until you create your stack.

YUM. If your lucky enough to have the sun shining where you are, enjoy this delicious breakfast whilst relaxing, soaking up some Vitamin D and reading the Sunday news or latest goss magazine (it is important to stay up to date with whats happening in the world)

*I used Muscle Milk protein as it is a multi stage release protein (keeps you fuller for longer) and I was about to spend my morning dating my best friend with a 2.5 hr Coastal walk. You can use the protein of your choice.



Look after your body, its the only place you have to live.

Love & light, Charlie x.




Yesterday you said Tomorrow…

Do you have a goal you want to achieve, yet cant seem to find the motivation to start?

Starting to change is the hardest part, you only need the motivation to start and before you know it you would have created a ”Healthy” habit.

Whats holding you back? Do you keep putting off what you could do today until tomorrow?


Are you waiting for Monday to start your new fitness, exercise and clean eating plan? (because everyone knows diets can only start on a Monday, and mentioning that we better eat as much as possible throughout the weekend before restrictions start?)

do you think Nathalia Melo, International Fitness Model (above) wakes up and thinks, oh its raining, I’m tired, Ill train tomorrow? I highly doubt it. I’m sure like everyone she has her  moments of not feeling 100%, but she does it anyway. Keep the results you want in mind for motivation. Every small step matters.


Why not start today. As simple as swapping your 3pm sugar treat for perhaps some fresh fruit or a protein bar. Swap your liquid calories for water and green tea. Swap that heavy lunch, for something fresh, light and nutritious to start your weekend the right way.

‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Albert Einstein

Thinking about that Friday night end of week ”relax” drink (which all to often ends up being more than one)?

Choose wisely:

Vodka Lime & Soda = 77 calories

Other spirits/soda = 97 calories

Beer = 100/300 calories

Wine = 130 calories

Those ”pretty/fabulous” cocktails = 125/500 calories

Don’t drink your calories (or waste all your hard work)

Have you got your body moving today? Exercise is a reward. Find something you like to do. If you hate the gym atmosphere, walk outdoors, if you hate running, walk. Anything is better than nothing. Write it in your daily intentions to GET your body MOVING. There are no excuses. If you only have time for 10 minutes…do it. Any amount of time is better than nothing, and before you know it you may actually find yourself enjoying it and that 10 will become 15, 20, 30.

*30 minutes of exercise per day is proven to enhance your overall health, prevent serious disease and manage weight.

Don’t have time? MAKE IT.

‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson



Begin your day thinking that today will be a GOOD day. Good for your mind (only positive thoughts allowed), good for your body (exercise & eat better), and good for your soul (spend a moment practising patience and kindness).

‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you set daily intentions you are more likely to adhere to your plan and achieve the results you want. You will always be able to find a reason ”not to”, instead today, look for reasons why you should.

Strive for progress, not perfection.

Here are some reasons why you should GET MOVING today:

30 minutes exercise:

*Walking burns between 150-250 calories (FYI a standard glass of wine is 130 calories, I thought that may be relevant going into the weekend).

*Cycling (moderate pace) burns between 200-350 calories.

*Weight lifting: 90-150 calories (HIIT circuit training may be more).

*Yoga: 120-200 calories

*Cross trainer: 270-400 calories (sweat is fat crying).

Did you know that 1 Caramel slice has approx. 470 Calories (??!), 1 x Mocha is approx. 330 calories (be careful of those sneaky liquid calories).



Think of how you feel when you have achieved something you set out to do? Regardless of a work challenge, exercise challenge, I’m sure you felt that the hard work, dedication and time was worth the sense of accomplishment.

Every day you can do something to make yourself proud. Start today. No more excuses. After all, your only hurting yourself with excuses and procrastination, putting off the life you want to live, the change you want to see, being the person you want to become.

Think about how good you feel after exercise, after eating clean nutritious food (compared to fat laden, sugar loaded).

Change your mind and your thoughts to change your life.

‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ Napoleon Hill

Love & Light, Charlie x.

P.s The weekend doesn’t start on Friday, so there’s no excuse to start falling off your plan now, you’ve been good all week…keep it up! (IM proud of you).