Givers & Takers…

In our lifetime we meet many different types of people; some good, some bad, lovers, haters, givers and takers.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Theresa

Are you a giver or a taker?


Do you consistently give to people with no regard to getting back, just giving to share knowledge, assistance? Perhaps giving comes naturally to you. Do you put others peoples needs & wants before your own? Are you willing and eager to freely give?

Are you a taker? Naturally people give to you and you take consistently  with or without realising? The scales of reciprocity tilt in your favour. You naturally put your own needs and interests before those of others.

‘For it is in giving that we receive’ St. Francis of Assisi


As a curious soul I find it intriguing to observe not only my relationships, but those around me.

A simple observation I have found is that those who wear their heart on their selves who give 100% selflessly (in psychology studies, referred to as a ‘nice’ person) do tend to get a little hurt. Whilst takers who were perhaps once givers but got burnt in the process tend to have their heart retracted in a safety zone, taking more from those around them.

“The belief that unhappiness is selfless and happiness is selfish is misguided. It’s more selfless to act happy. It takes energy, generosity, and discipline to be unfailingly lighthearted, yet everyone takes the happy person for granted. No one is careful of his feelings or tries to keep his spirits high. He seems self-sufficient; he becomes a cushion for others. And because happiness seems unforced, that person usually gets no credit.”  Gretchen Rubin, the Happiness Project

Do you see society as a cut throat competition (taker behaviour)? Do you resist giving or helping others in dread of their success over riding yours? Takers generally feel that they need to value their own self worth by being better than others. This includes self promotion and claiming credit for every effort. Givers generally give in order to ‘be liked’ and approved of by others.


I do believe that there is enough love, success and happiness for everyone in the world. Whatever it is you want, be more of that. If you want love, be loving & give love. If you want kindness, be kind & practise acts of kindness. If you want respect, be respectful & act with a manner of integrity that deserves respect.

You see, whatever it is that you want, be more of that and GIVE more. The more that you give the more you will receive, this is the natural cycle of karma and the universe.

Today instead if taking what you think is rightfully yours, drop your expectations and just give more.

‘You give but little when you give your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give’. Kahlil Gibran




One of my business mottos (and yes sometimes it gets hard, I do have to constantly remind myself); you will get everything you want if you help enough others get what they want. (Zig Ziglar)

Wear your heart on your sleeve…be open to whatever comes next.

‘A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal’. Steve Maraboli

Love & light, Charlie x.

Dedicating thankful thursday to giving a little more love to everyone around me.


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  1. Absolutely appreciate this. It seems counterintuitive but only in giving will we really receive the abundance we’re searching for. But I think it’s more than just giving, it’s the intention behind giving. For some reason the universe can tell if you’re selfish, even if you’re not acting it outwardly. Thanks for the great quotes!

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