Monday Motivation… Marina Passalaris {Beautiful Minds}

You know when you meet people and you just feel ‘WOW’. Marina Passalaris is one of those types of people that make you instantly fall in love with the way her smile lights her face, the depth in her words and the manner in which she acts.

I have been lucky enough to work with Marina & her beautiful program for teenage girls. Its designed to educate teenagers and their parents how to achieve happiness through vital life skills, self-esteem, confidence building and grooming.

Marina is also a radio presenter, author and has been featured in many national & international acclaimed press.

‘I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.’ Audrey Hepburn



Charlie: You are a successful business woman and the creator of Beautiful Minds, what do you attribute this success to?

Success is very boils down to having a clear vision, being lazer focused, working incredibly hard and knowing that giving up is neither a choice or an option.

Charlie: When did you decide to you wanted to be involved in the wellness industry?

I spent 15 years working as a grooming and deportment educator and make up artist in some of the top modelling agencies in Cape Town, London, Germany and Australia. This industry is known for negatively affecting girl’s confidence. I realised that there was a real need to educate girls more about their emotions and well-being. I wanted to achieve this by doing the Beautiful Minds courses in an environment that was conducive to all girls of any size and from any background, not just model ‘wanna be’s’. I wrote a program that I wish I had done as a young girl. It covers everything about being a teen girl in today’s society. Beautiful Minds has been a vision of mine for many years. I want to show young girls that they are beautiful inside and out.




Charlie: What inspired you to follow your passion?

If you know what your passion in life is, what your purpose is and what you want your legacy to be, you will pursue it with everything you have.

Charlie: How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor?

I don’t look at myself as an inspirational figure as that has a tendency to place me on a pedestal. It is more about the sharing of knowledge and passing this onto my Beautiful Minds students in the hope they will go on to create incredible lives for themselves.

‘Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.’ Norman Vincent Peale



Charlie: Has there been any challenges along your journey?

I would say rising above the ‘rip offs’. What I mean by this is that when you have a successful company, other individuals try and copy exactly what you are doing. I have had this experience and the blatant copying is rather outrageous. I have learnt to take it as a weird compliment that we must be doing something right. I also ensure that the business model changes and constantly improves so we are always top of our game.

‘You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.’ Albert Camus

Charlie: How do you maintain balance between your Career and personal health?

find it a bit of a juggle at times but as I am getting older, I am really starting to invest more in my health. I try and have one full day off a week, I eat really clean food and I try to exercise as often as possible. I have started having regular massages and putting time aside for me to just be still and to unwind.

Charlie: What do you believe are the keys to success in business?

You have to give people an incredible experience. They are buying into a feeling, how you make them feel when they have finished doing business with you. That is imperative. Under promise and over deliver.

Charlie: What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

We all have dreams but there is a huge difference between having a dream and taking small steps towards making this dream a reality. Be fearless, take action and chase the dream so it becomes a reality. Women are incredible, we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for! Go after the life you desire. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. I understand that fear stops people from doing many things but if your desire is stronger than your fear, you will find a way to do it.

Charlie: What can we look forward to next from you?

As the business has been going for 8 years, it has evolved over time. Beautiful Minds is about to totally change the way we educate young girls and we are in the process of setting up a very exciting event for girls aged 11 – 17. This event will be at The Paddington Town Hall on Saturday 6th September and is a full day jam packed with celebrities, guest speakers, dance troupes, music, dj’s and so much more! The aim of the day is to educate, inspire and entertain our youth. We have 550 tickets and these go on sale on April 10th. This event will then be rolled out Australia wide. There are so many incredible things happening in the Beautiful Minds office at the moment and the growth of the company is extremely exciting.



‘Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.’ William E. Gladstone

Charlie: Top 3 healthy tips/advice?

1: Every night, I listen to positive affirmations or subliminal music that will positively feed my mind as I fall asleep. I believe in training the mind every single day. We are all taught to exercise our bodies for at least 30 minutes every day. We need to do the same with our minds. This will significantly slow down the mental chatter as you re-program your mind to think positively.

2: Drink lots of water and get adequate sleep each night

3: Eat healthy, clean food. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

I sincerly thank Marina for her time. If you know of anyone who would like to attend her events, or if you would like to stay up to date with her classes and seminars available (there is a course starting next week):



{Yes, Im so proud and lucky to be included in the upcoming Beautiful Minds GIRLFRIEND event…Book now, it will sell out!!!}

Instagram: Beautifulminds

Love & light, Charlie x.

Surround yourself with people who make you want to become more.

Heal your hurt; give more love.

It’s no doubt that we have all been hurt by people in our lives at some stage; family, friends, lovers.


It’s something I know we struggle with, the hurt, resentment, pain. How can we resolve issues that we are so sure we are RIGHT in without causing more conflict? As a very personal person {believe it or not but I do like to keep my most inner musings to myself and express through writing}, I find it has become difficult to communicate our true intentions. (Most of the time letting go of the need to be in the RIGHT, will resolve any issue).


‘Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.’ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Though we live in a world where technology allows us to communicate in a mere moment, how often is it effective? How often are you expressing your true feelings, needs and thoughts? I know for myself, at least once a day I’m confused of the subtext and the context of text. Reading on the lines, between the lines…and then deciphering those emojiis.

I am beginning to understand the true power of love and release. Of being able to just let go (believe me as a traditional over analysing personality type, a person who wants to know all the whys and hows, this has been a learning curve for me). What I have found to be true, and it’s working for me, if somebody hurts you, disrespects you or treats you in a manner not aligned with your beliefs {basically in not a good way}, as much as you feel anger, hurt, sadness or pain…change those feelings with conscious thoughts of love.



‘Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love’. Lao Tzu

It can be hard but it’s not impossible. Change your energy, and intention and instead of focusing on the bad, the words that have been said, the situation that has occurred, realise that they are only people who are doing the best they can with what they have, just like you… And send them love. Not hate. And let it go.

‘You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving’. Robert Louis Stevenson


This is a process and practice I am working on personally, and I have found it much better to be a giver of love rather than a creator of ill will. You can change the world that you live in by simply changing your thoughts. If you find it difficult to change from such negativity to positivity research ways that you can express yourself, via writing, fitness, reading, music…

There are many ways to release and remove bad feelings, just find what works for you. For me, if someone does something to me or acts towards me in a way I’m not quite comfortable with, Ive started my ‘give more love’ process by imagining all the good things about that person, letting go of judgement and thoughts of ‘why’, then I create love, energy and light in my heart and send it to them. Wish them well. Then I let go. Sometimes some people aren’t meant to be in our lives.


‘Give love, then forget that you gave it’ Sun Myong Moon

Use acts of self-love to tune into the environment you want to create by the people you surround yourself with. We are a product of that environment.

Do you have deep connections or are your conversations filled with what happened in a nightclub on the weekend? Or are those conversations always negative?

As I create my dream reality I’m finding myself drawn to others who are living their own passion, those who are thankful for each day, the dreamers, the opportunity makers…they make me want to be more…to believe in myself, to be a game changer, they inspire me and my soul delights in them.


‘Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.’ Khalil Gibran

Let love create your world. Speak words of beauty and act with intention. Let go of anything that is not creating a better world for you and in turn for them. Use love to overcome the feelings that will only bring you down; hate, hurt, pain, envy, jealousy…and remove them from your heart {remember it is ok to feel these emotions, I’m purely suggesting you don’t keep your intentions focused on them and instead, change your focus and thoughts to the most powerful feeling of all, love}

Love & light, Charlie x.

Using love to heal my heart {and I believe its working!}


10 Habits of people who follow their dreams

I read this and had to share… how many habits of the below do you have?

{Re blog from Mind Body Green}



People who are true to their purpose and are really successful didn’t always get there because they had the financial means to do so or were just lucky enough to have been brought up in a confidence boosting environment. There are actually a few common habits that have helped them get to where they are. The best part is that these are habits that anyone can attain!

1. They see challenges as opportunities

Most people interpret fears as obstacles and tend to run away from them. People who live their purpose successfully have developed the capacity to see fear as a sign of what they really need to go for and put all their courage and energy into it.

2. They see life as a game.

Having this vision of life opens up space for playfulness and creativity instead of limitation. This also cultivates qualities of resilience, problem solving and confidence that helps them take risks to get to the next big place.

3. Living the life they want is the only option.

They’re so committed to making their dreams a reality that they banish any possibility of a backup plan whatsoever from their mind. They don’t think things like, “If it doesn’t work, I’ll just go get a job.”

4. They always speak their truth.

They’re able to speak it because they make a conscious effort to connect to their truest desires, their inner voice, and their spirituality without fear of judgment. This connection is typically fostered through meditation, journaling, being mentored and being surrounded by like minded-people.

5. They aren’t just dreamers: they act on their desires.

Instead of getting stuck in their dreams, they snap right into action, no matter what it takes. Whether it’s quitting a job, getting out of a relationship that holds them back, investing in themselves or moving to a new location, they have the courage to do it. They do this by listening to, and then acting on, their intuition.

6. They expect and know that they deserve the best.

They expect that what they want is going to happen as if it were an inner-knowing. They expect and feel they deserve to earn well, do what they love, serve others using their gifts. The secret is that they still expect the best even when they don’t have all the answers as to how it’s going to happen.

7. They have no fear or guilt when asking for what they want.

Because they’re so connected to their passions, they aren’t afraid to ask for what they want. In fact, they understand that their success depends on others, so asking for what they want is part of the deal. They set their boundaries and express their needs without fear, guilt or shame. Best of all, this is a trait that earns them respect from others.

8. They create their own rules.

They create their own rules instead of fitting into society’s norms. They make decisions from a place of what they want to have instead of what they think they can have. This gives them the freedom to design their destiny.

9. They’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

They don’t get stuck in having all the answers, making things perfect or trying to gain comfort by controlling everything. Instead, they’re aware that they’re not going to see the next step until they make the decision to move forward despite the discomfort.

10. They have teachers, mentors and role models.

Having teachers increases their awareness. They clearly understand that each time they’re getting ready to pursue their dreams all their limitations are going to come up to the surface so that they can let go of them. Having role models and mentors helps them quickly identify where they’re stuck so that they can immediately change their results.

Now, go out there and start living life to the fullest!


Love & light, Charlie x.

Cultivate healthy habits for both your mind and your body everyday. Start each morning by thinking ‘what a beautiful day’, realise that life will happen, the goods and the bads, but train your mind to see the positive in every occurrence, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep an attitude of gratitude.

Your inner shadow; own it.

I love books, I’m a nerd and I’m proud. Sometimes when I experience disappointment from the world around me, one fo my fave go to places is the public library. I normally have 3 on the go; nutrition or business, personal development and a silly romance novel {my mind turn off time} I’m currently reading ‘The Tools’ by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels. A book with techniques {they claim life changing} to unlock your true potential. I’ve just read chapter 4, find confidence and inner authority. The tool: inner authority. The higher force: the force of self expression.


‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.’ Carl Gustav Jung

This resonated with me as the thought or knowledge of an inner ‘shadow’ is not new to me (also known as our alter ego). In fact it was brought up many years ago when I suffered depression and saw a psychologist weekly (if you are going through a difficult time, I highly promote seeing a professional, as someone to talk to with no judgement, what I call, a personal trainer for the mind).

I remember she asked me to imagine myself as a child (I had a not so great childhood and held onto alot, particulary playing the victim). To then take one seat, as if I were my father and say the words I wanted to hear from him; ‘I’m proud of you, I will always love you’. To repeat the exercise in a different chair speaking words I longed to hear from my mother; ‘I will always be here for you, I will look after you & guide you, I love you’. Then to finally repeat as my 25 year old self speaking to the younger version I brought up {the gangly, awkward, even ‘ugly’, nobody loves me teenager}. To simply say; ‘I love you, I will always look after you, you will grow up and be able to change everything, just do the best you can every day to be a good person, I will always be here for you’. Yes, if you can imagine this was an emotional experience, even now remembering this powerful conversation brings tears to my eyes {of acknowledgement & genuine thanks for the confronting work I did to release & let go}.


‘The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.’ C. JoyBell C.

Now, reading this book it brings back the thought of the shadow, our inner versions of ourselves, the way we see ourselves. It’s different for all of us. For me my shadow will always be around the age of ten {uh I had a mullet…thanks mum}, my parents broke up, which I thought was my fault, I was thrown between schools yearly, between them. If I would act out id be packed up and delivered to the doorstep of the other. This happened yearly. Due to moving about and poor people skills I wasn’t very popular, yet I would have done anything to be in the popular group {this led to many ‘bad’ situations involving alcohol, boys and disrespect to my parents} So this is my shadow, unlovable, a failure, unwanted, never good enough. I crave stability, a sense of ‘home’.

We all have one, yours may be different. Reading today has brought to life the work I did to face these internal inferiority fears. The fears of judgement, of insecurity.


A reminder to work with my inner self, to cultivate that sense of self-trust and self-love, compassion for my own need of love. To act with my best intention; eating healthy, exercising, choosing positive affirmations…these are a way that I can show respect to my ten year old scared self, my shadow.

To accept myself.

I believe this is the most powerful lesson I am learning; acceptance, of who I am. That my past does not define me, that it’s ok to feel insecurities, BUT I LOVE YOU {me}, that I’ve for my own back (and my shadows back). I can take care of myself.

‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The book states that when you become one with all aspects of yourself…this is a higher force, you can speak without fear, express yourself as who you truly are. Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to live?


‘The way you communicate, especially the emotion you express, is more important than the words you use. When you speak without emotion, you can’t have enough impact on others to form a connection.’ Excerpt.

I believe everything comes to is as we need it, the same with books. Because to be honest, and I just expressed my inner fears yesterday, with my business progressing the way it rapidly is…I’m scared (natural inner shadow acting). Fear of failing, of inability to comprehend and manage this huge potential… But then, using the tools in this book, previous counselling advice…it all comes back to me…to be able to say ‘I’ve got this’, ‘I believe in you’, ‘I love you’… Creating a sense of unity within myself, I’ve got my own back. Picking this book up was exactly what I needed in this moment.

‘My willingness to be intimate with my own deep feelings creates the space for intimacy with another.’ Shakti Gawain

Do you have an inner shadow? (The book states we all do) How do you let your own self image control you? Do you feel insecure, nervous? Do you freeze when public speaking? Tell your shadow everything will be ok. Shadows generally derive from our younger years. A small child being told she is unlovable will generally believe this to be true…and this will stay with you as an internal belief. My shadow believes I am unlovable, therefore I have to do the work every day to create love in my life, self love. You have to do the work.


Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.  ~Maori Proverb

Learn to acknowledge this secret part of yourself, to just say its ok (yes, I love my positive affirmations…they work!).

Love & light, Charlie x.

Learn to love the beautiful creation that you are, accept your past and make today truly gorgeous day. This is freedom.

Dating; a state of confusion

I spent some time with some single male friends over the weekend, (as my business is growing I am finding it difficult to balance my work/social calendar)  needless to say it was interesting to spend 2 hrs listening to their funny dating antics.



What I did learn is that we are all dating in a state of confusion.

Theres no rules, no guideline, in fact there’s reading between the lines, miscommunication via technical platforms, no emotions expressed and what I believe to be true, we are all looking for that great love yet hiding behind our own fortresses, strong enough to keep anyone out.

“Single by choice, just not my choice’ The best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Sometimes I feel I am the only one experiencing this trouble, lonely in my search to find ‘Mr Right’, not ‘Mr Right now’, in the words of Charlotte York SATC, ‘Ive been dating since I was 15, Im exhausted, where is he?’

I know that I live in my own dream world, I choose to be an optimist, living in a state of love, preferring a state of ignorant bliss than taking on the weight of the worlds problems. We once lived in a world where males were hunters, woman, the gatherer (My Opa courted my Oma only twice per week for a year before he was permitted Sunday afternoon visits; now, happily married 60 years).


Now, this is not being sexist or idealistic in any way and I’m all for womans rights (as an independent woman trying to build my own empire), but it was the mans choice to chase a woman. In fact its natural chemistry to do so. Yet, now as woman are entitled and privileged to do as they please, to take the lead, we are confused about our roles. Who calls first? Does the 3 day rule still exist? If they don’t text back within a certain this means not interested? Even being nice is now mistaken as flirting…the lines are so blurry (or maybe I just need to have my eyesight checked) it makes it difficult to know whose doing what, saying what and where you stand.

I believe:

Men, if you are interested, make an effort, women love to be romanced.

Women, stop giving it up so easily, be a woman worth making an effort for.

(But I am no pro dater, far from it)

“Men respect standards- get some!” Steve Harvey


In fact, a recent conversation with a male friend left me bewildered, he mentioned that after a date that seemingly went well, he asked for a repeat….with no reply (via text), ouch. To me, this is just rude, sure dating is a tough game to play, but surely there has got to be a level of respect for other people?

‘Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgement of others.’ Wayne Dyer

Ive had my own ‘advice’ from a recent date who then told me he wanted to be friends (read between the lines… FWB) and advised me that I needed to invest in time as friends. I’m sorry, but I’m quite sure I have enough friends in my life (in fact I find it difficult to see them as much as Id like with business building pressure), and I am now looking for my great, true love, my soul mate, butterflies.. the real deal (no pressure I know), but I didn’t want another ‘friend’ especially not a FWB, nor did I want a label such as dating, girlfriend etc, purely  just some interest.  Was this a miscommunication? The only fact I do know…is that I don’t know.

“Now, revealing that you’re a keeper is no guarantee that this guy won’t just walk away. Some men really are just sport fishing and have no intention of doing anything more than throwing back the women they bed. If this is the case with this man, then let him walk-what do you care? He’s not the guy you’re looking for.”  Steve Harvey

How hard is it to just be real and honest? It seems were all damaged goods and we try to protect ourselves from rejection, hurt and pain, we find it increasingly difficult to do so. Yet we treat each other appallingly. Would it be so hard to say, sorry not interested? Truth hurts but isn’t being a good human better for your karma and theirs?

‘A good person can make another person good; it means that goodness will elicit goodness in the society; other persons will also be good.’ Bhumibol Aduladei


Not everyone you date will make your heart beat faster, your pulse quicken and excite your soul, so why can’t we just be honest with each other. Every bad date is closer to the right one right?

Some simple thoughts about dating in my world.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Girls wait for the perfect guy…Disneys fault. Guys wait for the perfect girl…Playboys fault.


Monday Motivation…Kim Peirce (BabeScrub)

Did you wake up this morning with the opportunity to chase your dreams? Or excited thoughts of ‘what change will I create today?’ Gratefully, I did.

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ Eleanor Roosevelt

I can honestly say that I am doing the work, every day…choosing my thoughts, actively changing automatic negative thoughts (ANT’s) to beautiful positive seeds. I am working on the garden of my mind…everyday. You can to. It just takes small steps, thoughts & actions every day. But you have to do the work.

One of those actions is to surround yourself with people who inspire you (otherwise they will drain you). I’m happy to introduce you to one of own personal sources of inspiration…Kim Peirce, entrepreneur & creator of Babe Scrub. As much as you can control your own thoughts and actions, you are still a product of your environment, so make sure its a good one! (I create my environment with the dream chasers, the believers, the opportunity makers).


Charlie: You are the creator of Babe Scrub, an in demand, ‘must have’ product. What do you attribute this success to?

I’ve always been entrepreneurial and for a long time used this skill set to benefit the organisations I worked for! Two years ago I gave up my career in the corporate world to pursue my own entrepreneurial ventures and in this light, my success as an entrepreneur is founded on an inherent belief in myself. As Beyonce famously said “I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself”.


This belief, served with a shitload of tenacity, and sprinkled with an openness to try anything is definitely the formula for my success!

Charlie: When did you decide to you wanted to be involved in the wellness industry?

My last job in the oil & gas and mining industry required travelling every month to all corners of the earth, leaving my children behind, and passing my husband like ships in the night. It was grueling. A weekend visit to Gwinganna Health Retreat in QLD was the catalyst for taking the step out of corporate and into the wellness and lifestyle industry.

Charlie: What inspired you to follow your passion?

Reading Tim Ferris’s 4Hr Work Week!

Charlie: How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor?

On some level, we all inspire others in different ways. Encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to inspire others to take action, and this is a beautiful gift to give from ourselves to those around us.


Charlie: Has there been any challenges along your journey?

I was a single mum when I took my first major career pivot deciding to go to university full time to get my undergraduate degree. Bringing two little babies under the age of 3 to university with me to my lectures and trying to keep them occupied under the desk while writing my essays was a challenge for sure, but it just made me more determined to succeed and I would not be where I am today without making that happen all those years ago.

Charlie: How do you maintain balance between your Career and personal health?

I begin every day with a walk early in the morning before I have to engage with anyone – including family! It helps me get my mind right and clear my thoughts for each day! It also helps me open my eyes!

‘Hope is the dream of the waking man.’ French Proverb

Charlie: What do you believe are the keys to success in business?

Determination. Manners. Determination. Educating yourself. Determination. Manners!

Charlie: What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

Start NOW!

‘Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.’ Harriet Tubman


Charlie: What can we look forward to next from you?

We have a new line coming out in the next couple of months as well as an extension to the Babescrub range. Yey!

Charlie: Top 3 healthy tips/advice?

#1 Move your body.

#2 Drink buckets of water but not just before, during or just after meals.

#3 Meditate.

“When the mind goes beyond the thought of ‘the me,’ the experiencer, the observer, the thinker, then there is a possibility of a happiness that is incorruptible.”  Jiddu Krishnamurti

I sincerly thank Kim for her time.

Sharing is caring, if you would like to enjoy a little self love action or perhaps give a beautiful gift with some Babe Scrub, enter the code Charliesbabes at checkout to receive a discount.

Be sure to follow:

IG: Babe Scrub

FB: Babe Scrub


Love & light, Charlie x.

You are the only one who can create your dream reality; choose good thoughts over bad, love over hate, and be a good human for the hope of all humanity (kind, honest & caring).


Monday Motivation…Sali Stevanja {Stylerunner}

Last night I was reading Napoleon Hill; the necessary steps to success are:

3. A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences. 4. A Friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. As I thought about these words I began to think about the world I live in & the people in it.

I have made no secret of the fact that I love the deep meaningful conversations about passion and purpose, meeting and talking with people with their own souls alight as they talk about their own pursuit of happiness, or what they are doing to create a change in the world. I was pleasantly astounded when I realised that most of the people who I connect with as I change my own life, are entrepreneurs, or working for themselves, following their own passion and creating their own dream reality {WOW, I felt incredibly lucky}.

It has been said to be the era of the entrepreneur.

I am in awe of the capacity of these people, in particular one who I was lucky enough to meet {as a single woman, trying to create my own business, this woman is a role model to me}….Sali Stevanja Co-Founder of the popular Fitness Fashion online retailer; Stylerunner.


You have created a rapidly growing online fashion store, the ‘go to’ for the latest fitness fashion what do you attribute this success to? 

There are so many contributing factors but I believe the fact that Julie and I started the business as passionate consumers is a huge part, we are always thinking of the customer with every decision we make.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine

When did you decide to you wanted to be involved in the fitness & fashion industry?

Living a healthy balanced life became really important once I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer back in 2008. I was young and with no family history of any illness I unknowingly took my health for granted. Julie was pretty much born to shop and once we noticed a gap in the market it was as if we just knew this was the space we belonged in. We quit our jobs and spent 4 months on setting up the business.

How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor?  

It is still somewhat surreal. It is one of the most rewarding parts of what we have created. We get so many emails and messages from women who have been inspired to live healthier lives and they send through amazing progress pics which we love to see. We also get a lot of letters from both men and women young and old wanting advice on how to start up a business or even just letters of thanks to say, you girls have given me the courage to chase my dreams. It is beyond rewarding for us to see that our hard work is not just about creating a successful business but about inspiring others to chase their dreams no matter how small or big.


Has there been any challenges along your journey? 

Haha – dating..does that count? It’s impossible to date or be social when you are in the start up years of a business. That has definitely been a challenge!

{Charlie: I definitely know about this}

 “If you want to be comfortable, don’t try to live your dreams.” Emily Trinkaus

How do you maintain balance between your Career and personal health? 

It really is just about being conscious of what your body needs. There are times where we can work without a single day off for weeks at a time, sometimes working insane hours because that is just what needs to be done at the time but when our body is crying for a rest we listen. If that means taking a day off midweek we do.

“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.” Richard Bach


What do you believe are the keys to success in business?

Stamina and resilience. I knew how tough starting a business would be before we started Stylerunner but I had no idea just how tough. It goes beyond no sleep, long hours, having to say no to all your friends social events because you need to work etc. Still your passion has to be greater than the hard work required to make it a success and if you have that in you … it might be tough but it is definitely worth it.


What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to get started … just start.

‘Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.’ Norman Vincent Peale

Top 3 healthy tips/advice? 

I always start my day with a shot of Olive Leaf extract – it helps with my immune system

Get regular massages…not only do they feel good they help release toxins from your system

Treat yourself. I believe in balance. I generally eat pretty clean but if I feel like a piece of chocolate or cake I will allow myself to have it. I don’t believe in depriving myself or saying I can’t have this or that, I rather try and focus on what I can/should be eating that is healthy and wholesome.

Your top 3 tips for fitness fashion?

Be bold. Try and step away from safe basics and embrace a print. Prints are the current must have.


{Sali wears the absolutely stunning BSC tights, about to be released…I have my name on the waiting list}

Learn how to be versatile with your gym gear. Mix your activewear with pieces from your wardrobe, like wear one of our adidas by Stella McCartney studio sweatshirts with a pair of jeans and you now have activewear that is not just for wearing to the gym but for also catching up with girlfriends for coffee or going shopping.

If you love wearing black on black like me try and add a pop of colour with some super cool coloured kicks. Currently I am obsessed with our Nike Air Max 2014 in Lightning Red / Green

Share something no one knows… 

That is pretty hard … I’m somewhat of an open book so there is not a lot that people don’t know about… Let me see… I wake up at 5.22am every morning because my competitor once said she gets up at 5.30am.

{I just LOVE this!}

I sincerely thank Sali for her time.

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To celebrate their 2nd birthday (I am lucky enough to attend their After 5 birthday aprty…what to wear???!!!) they have amazing online gifts to giveaway…no better time to upgrade your summer fitness fashion 🙂

Love & light, Charlie x.

Pretty sure I have some upcoming events I need to some new style/items for 😉



Monday Motivation…Kristie Marsh {Confessions of a fitness model}

Good Monday morning my beautiful readers!

Now, if you read my blog or follow any of my social media sites or even know me personally, you will know that I am all about sharing love, about being kind to other people & my business motto is in fact ‘help other people get what they want’ {Zig Ziglar quote}. Sometimes I am surprised when people are kind to me, before I have in fact met them or had a chance to wave my magic wand and make them fall in love with the person I have decided to be (and somehow convince them to support my beliefs & brands 😉

Kristie Marsh is one of those people. She has shown me kindness, love and support without even knowing me, without me asking for it. Wow. Isnt that the definition of true beauty? What if more people showed kindness without asking anything in return, but just to be a good human?

In seeking happiness for others, you find it for yourself.

So I thought Id share her with you today (plus she is my new-found body inspo)…




Krisite Marsh is a Mother of 2, a Mass Nutrition Fitness Model & Personal Trainer {yes she is indeed a super woman}

Charlie: You have created a rapidly growing personal training business; and your own profile as Kristie Marsh Fitness Model, in the fitness & health industry, what do you attribute this success to?

I have always been involved with the fitness industry I used to be a long distance runner. I used to do aerobic classes and have always had people asking me about my training diet and eventually how I got my body back after two children. So I attribute my success to being passionate about helping others but at the same time being open to other people’s opinions advice etc…


‘Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.’ John F. Kennedy

Charlie: When did you decide to you wanted to be involved in the health industry?

I decided that years ago but it was a matter at what capacity . Once Garry & I met and discovered he was a passionate as me it really enabled me to come into my own.

Charlie: When did you decide you wanted to work for yourself?

I always knew if I was going to train others it would be for my own business however I am loving the idea of working in a gym too as I’m starting to prep for my fitness competition and the gym is turning into a new love for me and has been for the last 6-7 months

How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor? I am very happy to be an inspiration as long as people realise it always a hard long road to get the body you desire. And being consistent. I’ve always been very competitive within myself to myself so I won’t ever give up.

‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.’
-Mahatma Gandhi


Charlie: Has there been any challenges along your journey?

Of course. I went through a divorce years of being a single mum which is full of challenges. Ups and downs emotionally . But I kept on training.

Charlie: How do you maintain balance between your Career and personal health?

Hmmm good question . I only practice what I preach. All diet exercises etc I have trialled on myself do I know the outcomes for clients. Personally I tend to be all or nothing. And I’m all health fitness training. I don’t go out or drink. I’m pretty boring actually but I love my choice .


Charlie: What do you believe are the keys to success in business?

I believe this industry is saturated by PTs , bloggers anything fitness … So you need to have credentials behind you. Why would you take advice off someone who isn’t qualified? So key to success is education. Also I’m doing my first IFBB fitness comp to build respect amongst my peers & to show my clients how did discipline, goals and consistency can result In a body you can be proud of .

Charlie: What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

If you have a dream be practical . And get yourself the appropriate education. Hard work will make the dream a reality.

Kristie Marsh


{Kristie is also a #baller = she loves #charliesballs/Clean Treats}



Charlie: What can we look forward to next from you?

Next from me will be stepping on stage in October at the IFBB Nationals in the bikini division.

‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Top 3 healthy tips/advice?

#1 Drink water

#2 take vitamins/supplements

#3 consistency in training

Charlie: Share something no one knows…

That after my competition my next goal is to have a baby then get back up on the stage again! With a better body than I had previously !!!

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Instagram: thespecial_k & confessionsofafitnessmodel

Sending my very special love & gratitude to this gorgeous woman.

Love & light, Charlie x.


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross




My past does not define me.

I recently went home; Mt Maunganui in New Zealand.

As a 30 year old returning to the streets I used to roam, where I used to cause havoc, I realised I am no longer that person and I will not let my past define me.

I choose to be thankful for everything I was ever given, for the things that I wasnt.

I am grateful I experienced the life I did, the things that occurred, because they make me the person I am today…

View here:

 You Tube 

I am not a victim to my past.

I will make conscious choices everyday to live the best life that I can.

Love & light, Charlie x.

The reason I returned home was to celebrate my Oma & Opas 60th/Diamond wedding anniversary. Such a special love, an incredibly beautiful day.

Oma & opa