Chris Dufey; Find Your “Perfect” Weight Loss Diet With THIS

As promised, weekly #sharinglove via my amazing trainer Chris Dufey.


Your Mother was right…You are unique!

The reason you are confused as what diet or workout to follow is because some people are shouting “do this” and then another mob are preaching the exact opposite.  leaving you in the middle not making any progress with your body — and it affecting your health.

‘Take care of your micronutrients intake. Your body should be Thriving’

It’s not that they are out “to get you”, its because some plans will work for some people, and other plans will work for other people.

But Here Is The Secret Sauce For Weight Loss

  1. Start with a plan that tailored to you and your situation.
  2. Have it work with you – as you and your metabolism changes, your diet and workouts need to.
  3. Have the guidance and support to keep you easily on track and not falling off the wagon like you have before.

Selecting a good weight loss diet to match your fitness goals can be tricky. Depending on what you are trying to achieve and what your body type is, some diets may be more effective than others. Before starting any sort of weight loss diet, always check with your doctor. They can not only clear you for it, but can help by giving suggestions and warnings that can guide you more successfully to your goal.


Starving yourself can backfire in the worst sort of way and make you body store everything coming in instead of burning it. You need to slowly scale back your intake and eat meaningful calories. Increasing your activity and burning more calories with a sensible diet is a good way to slowly loose weight and keep it off.When You’ve Lost Most OF The Weight, But Are Stuck.

…Stubborn Fat

One thing most people run into with a weight loss diet is an plateau or two. You’ve stepped up your routine, maybe even trimmed a little more from the calories but nothing seems to be budging.

To avoid the non-sense, I’m not going to blow smoke and tell you there a ‘magic potion’.  The only potion you need 95% of the time is to stay committed to yourself and keep working hard.  Fat will start coming off from certain areas over your body than others.

There are Alpha and Beta receptors in your fat cells than can “switch on” fat-burning or make it harder to burn off.  To get the famous Female guide on dealing withStubborn Fat Click HERE

If you are having an issue with stubborn fat, you may need to first adjust your workout, and then reconsider your diet. Adding in fat burning herbs and spices can help kick up if your metabolism has started to drag for some reason. Peppers, such as cayenne, are great for helping boost your fat burning. Black pepper in particular has a unique chemical in it that can help you loose weight as well. There are a lot more herbs and spices that have natural fat fighting compounds, many Indian spices such as turmeric and cumin, for example are helpful as well.


This is truthfully only going to be minuscule changes – for a Fitness Model or Bodybuilder, these small changes when at low body fat levels will make a difference, but don’t go down the “Fat Burning Pill” avenue — its not needed.

…Now You Want To Get “Lean”

You have smashed through your initial weight loss goals, and your aim is now to get in great shape. To really drop into low body fat and reveal your body and shape.


This is when you need to use advanced tactics as used HERE with Lean Body Life

Important:  Don’t lose sights of the basics — the habits you have created with being able eat a nourishing diet and train consistently and with intensity is what will bring you the best results.

Each person is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the weight loss diet that will work for you. It can take a bit of work and experimenting.  To fast-track that and have the professional guidance and support of a team you can’t find anywhere else…

I sincerely thank Chris for sharing {allowing me to share him with you}

Love & light, Charlie x.

Pretty happy I get to have sweet potato chips after training tonight 😉 And to visit the farmers market this weekend for lots of fresh goodies!



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