I need you

Only 8 days to go with my crowdfunding campaign & i would love your support.

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I really would love your support 🙂

Love, and so much gratitude, Charlie x.

I need your help {#please}

So you might know I have my crowd funding campaign live now.


Basically you can pre order my new product that will be packaged and have 6 months shelf life with no preservatives.

This is the reason for the campaign. I need your help.

By pre purchasing your generating funds for me to be able to take my product to the next level. I created my business organically, and it is still growing and funding itself.

Check it out here


Please share, like, and ‘pledge


A great gift or treat for yourself.

It finishes in 10 little days, and if I dont reach my target then the campaign is unsuccessful.

I would love your help. Your not donating to my business, your pre purchasing the new stock/product (and the packaging is SO hot!).

All my love to you,

Charlie x.