All my life I had been searching for something. I believed I would find this, whatever it was, happiness through a relationship, better friendships, a better career. It has taken time, but I finally found exactly what it is I was looking for and it wasn’t from any of the above.
I had to stop for a moment in a world that has become so overwhelming, and look within myself.
It was then, I was able to provide the answer I was so desperately seeking.
I found myself. Trust.
Trust that no matter what happened in my life, everything would be OK.
This may sound so simple, you may have known self trust your entire life.
I didn’t. I spent years running around, creating a drama filled life because I didn’t know any different. Years running around looking for something or someone to make my life make sense. The bad relationship we hold onto, living in hope that love will conquer all. The diet battle, using food to satisfy our emotions. The self destructive circle.
I have lived through many highs, and many lows, and at times never believed that it would ever get better.
With every essence of my being, I can tell you that it does. That no matter what situation you are in right now, you can create the life you dream of.
You can make your dreams your reality.
You just have to be prepared to put in effort. To be persistent. To say I can in a world that will tell you you can’t.
My dream is to inspire. To give love. To create a better world, free from negativity and self hatred (yes, I have looked in the mirror and despised what I have seen, but not anymore, I refuse to treat myself in such a disrespectful manner).
If we truly believe that the world is beautiful, that no matter what, we will always be ok, we will feel free to give without fear of judgement. Free to be who we really are.
The greatest gift we have is giving.
It’s free. PRICELESS.

Everyday I am living the life I love to live. (It is not always easy, and its perfectly imperfect, but I love it because its mine, my very own creation).
Surround yourself with people who lift you higher, people who believe in the beauty of your dreams.
Nourish.balance.breathe is my expression of a life lived in wellness, created from a place of darkness with only a small light shining (yes, depression). There is light within each and everyone of us. All you need to do is follow it. Believe it.

Being well is not always easy. The popular saying goes, anything worth having wont be easy.
But it will be worth it. That much I can promise you.
Every day is a day to be enjoyed, a day to send out love, to give a smile and to share compassion.
Try it.
Louise Hay (famous author) says, if you want more of something, first you have to give it.
I wanted love in my life. So I gave it. Now, everyday I am constantly surprised at the love and generosity, kindness that is given to me. Its truly unbelievable, I would never have imagined it possible.
Become more of what you want to be.

Nourish.balance.breathe is about being well. I hope you find it a place you can visit and feel inspired, motivated and love.

Love & light, Charlie x.


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