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The most popular #balls are…#charliesballs, because #charliesballsarethebestballs. Why? Because they are real, not fake. Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservative & guilt free…these healthy, happy balls are the perfect addition to your day. Following Ayervedic tradition my #balls are made with love. I infuse my #balls with the blissful sounds of India Arie; ‘you are beautiful like a flower’, ‘more valuable than a diamond’ (although my sound isnt so blissful, lucky for me its the energy that counts). I truly believe that every time you #eatmyballs you are making a healthier choice. You can be healthy & happy & enjoy the good things in life i.e #charliesballs. Lets make some magic…get my #balls in your mouth. No first date required.

Chocolate Brownie
Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, Preservative AND Guilt free…#balls you can enjoy every day. 
The beginning… Clean Treats is a relatively new business that has grown rapidly due to the popularity of #charliesballs. #charliesballsarethebestballs. #getcharliesballsinyourmouth. (And of course a delicious, nutritious product)

NEW…Give a gift of health this Christmas!

VIEW Christmas packs available for preorder here

Christmas 4

Including stores such as City Supermarket, Mass Nutrition & Green Tea X50 kiosks.

Why? How? I believe that clean Treats have introduced healthy, happy eating to the normal person who doesn’t want to diet, who wants to be healthy but not restricted.

Clean Treats are the perfect addition to every lifestyle (I refrain from using the word diet), every day. Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservative & guilt free, #charlies balls are healthy & happy (you feel good on the inside when you #eatmyballs). Made with love, these Clean Treats are the perfect ‘no guilt’ daily snack, pre gym energy boost or night time ‘relax’.

Love Ball gift
Do you like #balls? You NEED  #charliesballs

LOVE balls: Chocolate Nut, Vanilla Pecan & Cranberry Coconut.

MUSCLE balls {utilising a Vegan Pea protein}: Peanut Butter, Nutella & Lemon Creme.

SLICES are now available! THE best Raw caramel slice of your life (I believe 🙂


Enquiries email

*Curing the obesity epidemic one Clean treat/healthy choice at a time.

I hope you #enjoymyballs soon.

Love & light, Charlie x.

BALLIN & IM A BALLER BABY Muscle tees are available.

$34.95 available in Black or White.


*Please note that personal orders come packaged in bulk, not individually wrapped. If you would like individually packaged #balls, please advise so I can confirm pricing for you.

*Please keep your Clean Treats in a dry cool area, refrigerated or frozen for longevity.


26 responses

  1. Hello,
    Was wondering how much are you balls and postage
    And what flavours do they come in?
    Thanks Erin

  2. Hi Charlie!

    I was just wondering if I could get more information on your balls? Like ingredients and flavors?

    Thank You,


  3. Hi Charlie

    I am really interested in knowing more about your clean treats and then maybe stocking them in store where I work.


  4. Hey
    I was wondering how much are your Vanilla balls where including postage?
    and how many come balls come in each pack?
    Thanks Joanna

  5. Hi – i was at the seminar with Andreia Brazier yesterday and I gotta say, I loved them!! they taste amazing, i was lucky to try two flavours!
    I will email and order. Thanks x


  7. hello,
    was looking at getting some of your treats for my cafe.. do you wholesale? if you do, can you please send me a product and price list..?

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  9. Hi Charlie, I tried your Cranberry and Coconut ball at the NikexStylerunner event on Sunday and I loved it. I live on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, do you have any local stockists? Thanks x

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  12. Charlie I loved the cranberry slice didn’t realize they were so huge But even more importantly chess my daughter thought they were really yummy could you tell me what’s in them is there sugar and if so do u any without ? And is this the best way to order them
    Also keen to try your lemon balls and protein ones. Thank you so much again for my yummy treats xx gab ps what cakes can you do ?

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