Busy, my new swear word.

Yesterday I fell into bed at 6pm, and I just couldnt move. I was on edge, uneasy, anxious, I was having difficulty to breathe and completely exhausted.

I was torn between getting up and doing the gym workout I knew I was supposed to do and just sleeping, just hiding away from the world, turning off and letting everything go.

I listend to my body and nearly instantly fell asleep for a good few hours.

This week I was B U S Y. Ridiculously so it felt.

‘Beware the barrenness of a busy life.’ Socrates



Its been an emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting week.

By wednesday I said to a friend ‘I feel like im about to fall apart’ and had every intention of cancelling my birthday, by Thursday, Id had a #ball/sugar attack, and by Friday I was simply trying to breath.

‘The sky isnt aways blue, the sun doesnt always shine, and its okay to fall apart sometimes.’ 

Busy. My new swear word.

This is my week.

*Its basically the last week for personal Christmas pack orders. Packing, posting, personal notes.

*The Clean Treats Factory Investor meeting {obviously the highlight! Also takes huge mental preparation}

Coordinating Christmas promotions and clients Christmas events.

Last week for most client orders for 50% of my clients, already taking pre orders for existing and new clients in the new Year.

Its the last week of all my suppliers for several weeks, meaning I have to be extra organised with boxes, products, marketing materials etc.

I was supposed to be organising a trip to Qld for Christmas; friend catchups, client meetings and new business contacts.

Its my birthday tomorrow; required people organising, dress, tan, makeup, shoes etc.

Christmas is next week.

My flatmate tells me she’s moving out {which then created emotional instability, hurt feelings, mistrust…worst time of the year #ever). Which then requires the stress of finding someone new, investing time and energy both which I dont have into trying to (and especially over the holiday season, whilst Im away)?  Or do I move? Decision making….

Decision made. Moving. Now requires, moving, new lease, packing ETC. (honestly moving is one of the worst things ever). A day after New Years {#nice, insert sarcastic emoji}.

Trying to organise New Years, Tickets. Outfit ETC.

*Trying to do no carbs/eat clean… {failing obviously}

*Gym (at the end of the day just making it there felt like a huge accomplishment).

And Im meant to be organising all my new packaging, designing new marketing ready for the New Year.

Now, this may seem a little or a lot to you, but to me its felt like a whole lot, perhaps its because its the end of a big, B U S Y, unstable, yet productive,…BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE (my 30’s)


Ive become one of those people when asked how they are… Busy (arghhhh). And in all honesty, I know because I think it when people say it to me…how productive is your busy???

Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishmeny and to either of tehse ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.’ Thomas A. Edison. 

And Im the first to say, in fact I have been saying it to the few close to me…I need to work smarter not harder. Im actually doing ym own head in with some of the silly mistakes I make because of the ‘busy’ pressure I feel under.

As a small startup business (no investment) everything is organic growth, which means I have to get orders before I can order marketing material, promotional items…stock for my product. This is not time efficient, but its just the way it is, for now.

Busy is a swear word.

When I think Im ‘busy’ Im more focused on being busy then actually productive, or how grateful I am my days a re full. I feel anxious, frustrated, nervy, on the verge of just breaking down.

Busy, is a swear word to your body. Being busy creates stress. ‘Theres no question you consume more when youre under pressure. And, thanks to spikes in hormones such as cortisol and insulin, research shows you also crave higher cal foods, says psychiatrist Dr Elissa Epel.  Whats more your emotional state while eating may determine whether – and – where – calories get stored as fat. ‘When your body feels threatened it stashes fuel in your abdomen, where it can be accessed quickly,’ she says. Excerpt 30 ways to a calm you, Shape magazine.

Theres something about the word busy that automatically creates a feeling of anxiety for me, an out of control, testing myself, not sure if Ill get everything done feeling. And as always, Im not saying that everyone feels this, this is just me expressing what happens in my crazy passionate #dreamer mind.


Busy. A word thrown around as perceived social status. How are you, Im busy. So common; if were busy its acceptable. {And I do it all the time}. If were busy, we must be doing ok right?

How are you?, ‘Productive, calm, in control.’ (I even feel calm writing that answer) Might take people back a bit Id say.

Busy. Creates clutter. Pressure.

Ive got it under control…creates calm.

It always has been and always will be about your thoughts, and you do have the power to change them. Although sometimes, this week for example, it was simply a case of one foot in front of the other….get shit done. And thats ok to. Release the guilt, the fear of failure and just do what needs to be done.

You have to learn to go with the flow…evolve your capacity to take it as it comes and learn to be creative with a little ingenuity to get things done. Because if there is one thing I have learnt in business, is, its unpredictable, from one day/week to the next, (although as my brand is building it seems to be 2 steps forward with only half a step back). So you learn from it. Feel it. Then create new ways to do things better. Smarter, not harder.

‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.’ Confucius


So the night before I turn 31, and yes perhaps theres some of those emotions mixed in with my week as Im still no where closer to my childhood romanticised dream of a hubby, kids, house, dog, white picket fence etc by the time I was 30, and yes I have released this childhood belief, merely stating…Im still single) Im going to spend tonight with myself. Im getting a massage, a Rainbow salad from one my favourite places; O Superfood in Bondi  (also stockist of Clean Treats) and Im going to desire map. how do I want to feel?

I dont really adapt well to change, its something Ive always struggled with, business is fine but personally? Still learning.

So as its been a week with huge changes; my Qld plans are now cancelled (which also creates a sense of letting people down). Im looking forward to a few days between Christmas and New Years to create some systems for not only my business but myself.

‘Things don’t go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.’ Charlie Jones

What I have found this week is I am an emotional/stress eater. So, it makes sense to create measures to minimise the stress/uncertainty/pressure I feel. From the little things like specific pre order days, to specific delivery days and set daily/weekly plans for myself. For whilst I might work good under pressure, my body doesnt.

“Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.” ~ Paulo Coelho

So busy, is now a swear word in my vocabulary. I will refrain from using it and instead choose to create systems and ways to be productive, efficient and calm.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Like treat myself to a massage 😉





Introducing, Fitness Pro… Chris Dufey

As you may be aware…I am addicted to sugar, of the natural kind; Fructose.

Fructose is still sugar. In high amounts this will create stress on your hormones, glycation in your organs and skin and make you insulin sensitive.

Not something I really want. Now, as much as I know and research, sometimes you just need someone to guide you and hold your hand. For this reason I put out a little SMS {save my soul, you have no idea how much this addiction was taking over me, leaving me feeling flat, overweight, puffy and depressed}. Chris Dufey answered. I couldnt believe my luck.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” Buddha

I have attended Chris’s seminars before and listened to his approach to a healthy lifestyle, and I was impressed. So, this week I started his 12 week program. Not just about the 5kgs I want to lose to be at my optimal health, but to balance my hormones.

This is how it goes; healthy eating/restricted calories/incorrect meal timing… over training, 3 hrs per day minimum. Get stressed, binge (on my healthy products) and then ‘punish’ myself in the gym. Balanced hormones? I think not. I also ‘binge’ eat when feeling emotional, stressed, and when things get ‘too good’ for me, also known as self sabotage.

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.  Lou Holtz

I am so excited to have his expert guidance, and once a week I will be sharing with you his healthy living tips so you to can create a healthy balance.

993740_10152100963093619_1540633572_nYou want me to do something… tell me I can’t do it.  Maya Angelou

About Chris Dufey, The Fat Loss Pro:

110kgs, very overweight.
Shaped like a fridge.
Confidence is rock bottom, motivation is lackluster and getting through each day with not a lot of smiles.
Diet is poor, made up of junk, with the usual effort of trying to be better, that never leads to a slimmer, better body.
Training just leads to more frustration. There are no results being seen, and the mirror slaps back the bitter truth of his body.

Does any of this happen to you?

I hope not, but there is a happy side to this. This description is me, a few years ago.

I laugh so hard my stomach hurts when people say to me

“You’re so lucky to always be in shape, and have the right genetics”.

My bollocks I do. I don’t fall into bad habits because I know my body and health would take a quick turn backwards. I had to learn how to eat, train and live to get in great shape, stay in great shape, and then how to coach others to be in incredible shape.


The reason I feel so confident in being able to bring about results for you and others is not just because of the immense learning and education I put myself through. It’s because I have transformed myself along with many, many others.

You are unique, and need a different approach, tweak or variation to bring about the fat loss and body shaping you want. This is exactly why I made the two Online Physique Coaching levels so different, and the specific body changing products I make. It suits your wants, needs and goals. Giving you the amount of advice, and guidance that will actually work for you. Plus, fit the budget you have for transforming your body. It’s also the reason why I choose the coach for myself.

I know he has gone through it all before, is highly qualified and gives me exactly what I need. Everyone needs a coach and guidance. It goes for financial planning, business coaching even the dentist you choose.

My qualifications

  • A.R.T Active Release Technique
  • Functional Medicine University
  • ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Poliquin PICP 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Poliquin BioSignature
  • Poliquin BioSignature CE – Level 2
  • Poliquin Fat Loss & Hypertrophy Intern
  • P.I.M.S.T
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Intern w. Francine Savard & Christian Maurice (World Class Physique Specialists)
  • Fat Tool Therapist
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Cert. Diet & Nutrition
  • Cert. Fat Loss Nutrition
  • Cert. Sports Nutrition
  • Body Building & Contest Preparation
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Olympic Weight Lifting Coach
  • Aus. Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Cert. Motivational Techniques
  • Cert. Supplementation For Training & Performance
  • Boxing & MMA Fitness Coach
  • AIF Master Trainer
  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness

original Photo 3 04 2014 8 23 40 pm1 About Me

You wouldn’t hire a broke financial advisor would you?

Then why still be unhappy with your body using a online personal trainer or doing it yourself that’s not getting you the results you want.

I am truly passionate on being able to transform the bodies of the people I work with, including you. And I am firmly against using many of the foolish methods and techniques that plague people wanting to get in shape.

I hope this has pepped you up and given hope. Because trust me, if I can go from a shockingly overweight, unhealthy dude, to a fitness model transforming bodies all over the world.

You sure as well can. And you can do for a bunch of reasons. One reason why you might want to listen to me is to get really hot, take a bunch of photos and post them on facebook.

Or to compete as a fitness model, win competitions, be asked for photos shoots with barely any clothes on to promote stuff.

It could even be so you attract a certain sexy someone, keep your husband or wife still drooling over you, never having to worry if their eyes will wonder.

me 2  300x300 About Me

{A a picture of health with his gorgeous wife & daughter}

If you are interested in taking his 12 week transformation with me be sure to check out chrisdufey.com {did I also mention he preps World #1 Fitness Model Andreia Brazier??? #enoughreasonalone}. Theres also lots of amazing podcasts with other fitness experts and ebooks to download, one I love is the fat loss smoothie. Enjoy!

If you want something you’ve never had you’ve got to do something youve never done.

Love & light, Charlie x.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  Mark Twain 

In saying that, please be aware I am on the cleanse stage of my program…detoxing from sugar, so please be patient with me if I’m a little less full of sunshine 😉 And Im a little unsure what to do with this extra time I now have… {just when I needed more hrs in the day to develop The Clean Treats Factory…perfect!}



Feature; Charlie de Haas, the fifty two woman project.

I was recently honoured to be featured on Debbie Spellman’s website as 1 of her fifty women features.

Debbie is a personal source of inspiration to me, and I remember when I first met her, I could literally feel the love and compassion radiating out of her. Our green smoothie date turned into a deep heartfelt 2 hr chat about all things life and love, and creating a change in the world. Since then Ive worked beside her at speaking events and enjoyed watching her personal journey and business grow and develop.


Im never one to say Im perfect, in fact Im incredibly far from it. Im learning, everyday, to embrace my perfect imperfections, because they are mine. So I wanted to share this feature, and a little about me.

Charlie de Haas is one phenomenal woman! Not only is she one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, I have watched her take an idea and concept and turn it into a powerhouse. Her Clean Treats product and ‘Charlie’s Balls’ brand are taking Sydney by storm and her vision for her empire is so admirable! This is one feature you will want to read. I love Charlie’s approach to life and I am so excited to share her techniques on how she manages herself. Once again she has demonstrated the power of The Fifty Two Women Project by sharing her vulnerabilities which many of us just don’t see behind what we perceive as a very successful women. I hope this feature inspires you to realise we are all the same and it’s simply how we choose to show up that makes the difference in who we are and our life circumstances.

{yes, I did feel beautifully emotional reading such gorgeous words from a woman I highly respect & value}


You are such an inspiration for women in all you have achieved in your business. Was there a time when you didn’t feel so confident in what you were doing and why?

Yes, there are many occasions when I feel doubt or unsure. I think this is the pure beauty of life and business and things will always happen that will make you question yourself, your decisions, and your goals. What’s important is to create your own Self-love tools to provide the right answers and cultivate a sense of self trust.


If something rocks my world, perhaps something didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, I now know to revisit my core beliefs, why I’m doing what I am doing, and trust that what is right for me will be.

Was there a defining moment when you decided to launch your business or did this develop and evolve over time?

I have been involved in health and wellness for the past ten years, always working for other people and changing constantly, I was always looking for more.

I then had a dream of inspiring people, of creating change in the world and started to research ways I could do this on my own. I then took the risk (self-employment), put everything I had into it, and created a deep core belief that I could do anything, and did it.


Living our passion – even one which stems from our truest hearts desires – can be daunting. What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your mindset in order to live the life of your dreams?

Some people may not know, but I am very open about it, I suffer depression and BPD. I have a core belief that I will never be good enough (something I am in the process of working on). These have definitely held me back at times, yet I am also thankful for them. We each have our own story to tell, our own trials and tribulations, and it’s when you can accept them, realize them and create healthy habits to overcome them, that’s when you can truly fall in love with yourself and your life. Because there will always be the good and the bad, you will always have strengths and weaknesses. It’s about self-acceptance.

Read more here

Read more here

Read more here


Debbie specialises in a technique know as The Mind Detox. Its about breaking free from those unhelpful core values and beliefs you have created somewhere in your life, to be able to realise your full potential and be the very best you can be.

Its about being your authentic self and realising that you are amazing, exactly as you are, and to stop holding yourself back.

I hope you enjoyed the feature.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Share love, be kind.

Self Love Sunday…Make decisions.

Self love Sunday…sometimes there really is nothing better than a sleep in, a book and a coffee {perhaps cuddles would conclude perfection}.

Today, I wanted to write about the power of making decisions. Of loving yourself, trusting yourself enough to be able to make decisions effectively and know that they are the best for you.


‘First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do’ Epicteteus

Because, most of the time we feel anxiety, unstable or insecure it’s because we are unsure about something; were to busy wondering ‘what if’, over thinking, over analysing, to actually enjoy the present moment, the now.

“Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made, nothing happens…. Decision is the courageous facing of issues, knowing that if they are not faced, problems will remain forever unanswered.” Wilfred A. Peterson

Last year after I felt that Yoga changed my life, I decided I wanted to become a Yoga Instructor, in fact it was on my goal list for this year to study in India, in the Himalayas. Unfortunately due to unpredicted #ball {Clean Treat} success, I wasnt able to take 4 weeks away.

Just the other week I got the opportunity to study Pilates, a 5 day class to gain certification to teach. The timing & pricing were right, and I felt it would be a perfect prelude to the Yoga study I still want to do, a perfect addition to my wellness seminars.

Yesterday, I went to my first class, but something didn’t feel quite right. You know when your heart just isn’t in it? I wasnt focused, didn’t feel like I was being attentive, retaining any information and spent most of the time dreaming about my secret BIG dream project Im working on (for Clean Treats).


I decided to trust this feeling.

I contemplated the pros and cons, sure I wanted to do it, I still do and  it will be great to add to my growing resume, but is it right for me right now? No. Was it simply a self-limiting distraction/option? Yes (taking my focus away from the substantial risk I may be about to take).

Decision made. Relief felt. Focus restored.


‘In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing’ Theodore Roosevelt

I had an ex come into my life and declare his undying, unconditional love, promises of marriage & kids (yes, I do wear my heart on my sleeve and I cannot wait to find someone to truly love and create my own family). Yet when we spoke the past was always brought up and I realised it always would be). I had to ask myself if I wanted to be reminded of that person I was (who I didnt and don’t like very much), was this love real, or was it the thought of that romantic love story, that true love will always concur everything?

I decided it was the thought. So I decided to be grateful for the words, but made the decision to firmly close the door behind us by taking myself off his option list (he is about to be married). I am not that person and I refuse to be reminded of who I was, my actions, and live in the past.

Decision made. I let him go with love and felt my heart smile.


‘Follow your heart and make it your decision.’ Mia Hamm

Also recently (yes an emotionally, heart-felt month for me), I fell in ‘Like/lust/want/desire/perhaps love’ with someone who I hadn’t actually met. Non stop messages, texts with loaded emotional meaning, excitement beyond words, phone calls with cute giggles. I actually (silly of me) thought he might be the one. Then we met and I knew his heart wasnt in it. So I let go.

Decision made. Simple.


‘Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Decision making can be scary, I mean most of the time were so scared of making the wrong decision we aren’t actually focused on the right decisions, what we know within us feels right.

But what does it really matter if we make a decision and its the wrong one? Of course it doesnt. THIS IS LIFE.

Every single day I am sill making mistakes, some financially expensive, some emotionally expensive, but for all of them I’m grateful, for how else would I learn? Just make the decision to understand it, act, then let it go, then move on.

Truth is you can’t be everything, to everyone…so be everything you dream of becoming and want to be…for you.

‘First seek to understand, then to be understood.’

Everyday I talk about creating self-love thoughts, being able to say ‘I love you’ in the mirror, consciously choosing healthy food, choosing happy thoughts, exercising and treating people with respect. Because every time you do these actions, every day, it’s an act of self-love, and do you know one of the most beautiful things about love…it grows. It gets stronger and stronger. So the more you cultivate self-love, the easier the difficult times in life will be.

I’m not saying that because Ive found a sense of being ok with who I am that my life is easy, but what I am saying is that when I feel emotionally disrupted, unwanted or unloved by someone, these feelings are only fleeting because I have created the self love/care habits that I can action to bounce right back.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Have trust, what is meant for you will be. Dont be scared to say no, to anything less than you deserve.

Pretty excited I now have 4 whole days that I had dedicated to my Pilates course to invest in my master plan… oh and my new website {#finally!!!}


If its worth having, it wont be easy.

What some people don’t tell you when you create your own business/chase your dreams/work for yourself…

*It can be hard to self motivate…everyday.

*It can be challenging to always search for the positive in a negative situation.

*You have to fake it til you make it.

*You have to let go of the guilt when you make mistakes.

*You will make them. Plenty of them.

‘I am not the richest, smartest or most talented person in the world, but I succeed because I keep going and going and going.’ Sylvester Stallone

*Its not easy to always be your own greatest fan.


*You have to find a source of strength and resilience within yourself.

*You will have to actively change any self doubt thoughts to self belief thoughts, the minute they start to occur.

*You will have to say I CAN in a world that will tell you you cant.




‘Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.’ Dennis Waitley

We view people, our inspirations, mentors, and the great leaders with such awe and a ‘how did they do it’ attitude. What we don’t realise is what they have endured to achieve their great success. In fact I personally love to read, listen to these success stories. Recently I heard about the creator of Carmens muesli who after 5 years in business (she started in her garage) was out doing deliveries and ran out of petrol, and she had no money to refuel. But she found a way to keep going and do what needed to be done, and now Carmens is a nationwide known entity.

Its been nearly a year of working for myself and it has easily been the best, the most challenging, self developing and learnt, (yes I realise that isnt correct english), interesting, happy year of my life.


But yes, it has been challenging, in fact there are many days when I want to crawl back into bed (today for example, feeling completely exhausted) or contemplate just going back to a paid career.

The easy way out. (You can never fail if you never quit).


What I have found to be of utmost importance is to create your world with motivational triggers, inspiration go to sources; emotional, mental and physical that you can reach for in your time of need. Because there are times you dont want to do what needs to be done. There are days where your light might not be shining so bright. There are days where you question what do you think your doing?

Today I needed this:

{The below is reposted from Dan Waldschmidt}

You have to make the call you’re afraid to make.

You have to get up earlier than you want to get up.

You have to give more than you get in return right away.

You have to care more about others than they care about you.

You have to fight when you are already injured, bloody, and sore.

You have to feel unsure and insecure when playing if safe seems smarter.

You have to lead when no one else is following you yet.

You have to invest in yourself even though no one else is.

You have to look like a fool while you’re looking for answers you don’t have.

You have to grind out the details when it’s easier to shrug them off.

You have to deliver results when making excuses is an option.

You have to search for your own explanations even when you’re told to accept the “facts”.

You have to make mistakes and look like an idiot.

You have try and fail and try again.

You have to run faster even though you’re out of breath.

You have to be kind to people who have been cruel to you.

You have to meet deadlines that are unreasonable and deliver results that are unparalleled.

You have to be accountable for your actions even when things go wrong.

You have to keep moving towards where you want to be no matter what’s in front of you.

You have to do the hard things.

The things that no one else is doing. The things that scare you. The things that make you wonder how much longer you can hold on.

Those are the things that define you. Those are the things that make the difference between living a life of mediocrity or outrageous success.

The hard things are the easiest things to avoid. To excuse away. To pretend like they don’t apply to you.

The simple truth about how ordinary people accomplish outrageous feats of success is that they do the hard things that smarter, wealthier, more qualified people don’t have the courage — or desperation — to do.

Do the hard things. You might be surprised at how amazing you really are.


WOW. Yes, definitely going on my vision board as a daily ‘JUST DO IT” mantra. You see, I truly believe that you have it within you to be anything that you dream of becoming (and I have it within me), you just have to be prepared to do what you dont like doing, give up on some of the things you enjoy (for me, my passion for fashion is compromised at the moment) and FOCUS everything on your goal.

Love & Light, Charlie x.

Time to get into my admin/figures/reporting.

‘Don’t listen to what anybody says except the people who encourage you. If it’s what you want to do and it’s within yourself, then keep going and try to do it for the rest of your life.’ Jake Gyllenhaal



Easy access…Antidepressants

I’m feeling a little vulnerable as I write this blog, but I just felt I had to share this experience.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Helen Keller

To some, my life would appear to be a dream; I’ve created a product that people genuinely seem to like & want to be a part of, I’m fit, I have a beautiful family, I was a model (not anymore), I have a support network that includes some of the most well known fitness, health and inspirational figures, and Im living my life my way.


It’s all to easy to look at someones life from the outside, from their social media ‘highlight’ reel and make judgement, or create an opinion about that person. Staying true to myself and the purpose of my blog…this highlight reel is often not all it’s cracked up to be, even mine.

‘If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days.’ Kris Carr

Sure all of the above are true, but what about viewing my life from the inside out? My heart still hurts for a love that wasnt reciprocated (insecurity), I am creating a business on my own (instability), I surround myself with people who are inspirational figures (pressure), my family isn’t as close as I would want them to be, and I very rarely let anyone ; friends or lovers close to my heart as I’m petrified of being hurt (loneliness), which in turn makes me a #1datewonder.

Now these are 2 very outlooks on my life, 1 is positive, 1 is not so. Yet they are both very much my reality.


I have written and spoken about my depression.

What you may not know, is I was meant to be and still am supposed to be tested for Border Line Personality disorder (basically this means it’s either white or black, good or bad, there is no balance).

As my business continues to become a reality (who would have thought my empire would be built on #balls), so to does the financial stress, the responsibilities and the very real fear of failure. As I began to experience the well-known traits of depression and self sabotage (for me this over eating thing is out of control at the moment) became apparent, I knew I had to speak to someone.

Sometimes that’s all we need… someone to really listen to us.

Anxious, excited and knowing I was doing the right thing, off I went to my Dr for a full blood test and Psychologist referral (I don’t have one in Sydney).

‘What you believe is very powerful. If you have toxic emotions of fear, guilt and depression, it is because you have wrong thinking, and you have wrong thinking because of wrong believing.’ Joseph Prince


What surprised me as I was tearfully telling my story (if you need to cry, just cry), was the recommendation for antidepressants, not once but at least 4 times the conversation was redirected to ‘pills’ for my hormonal imbalance. He advised that I am depressed (which I am quite sure that I’m not, simply looking for some advice, someone to speak to, to express myself to).


Was he even listening to me??? I was in disbelief, after all that I was telling him; my clean eating lifestyle, my health coaching, seminars…he still tried to (I felt) ‘push’ medication onto me.

Now, I understand they do work for some people and considering there seems to be a natural imbalance in my brain they should work for me. However, my last incidence with these drugs at 100mg had me sitting on the edge of my balcony at 4am in the morning thinking my life was not worth living. Do I want to take them again, or try find the right one…Ummm…..NO?

I felt I had to write this as it really was a revealing experience, I mean Ive experienced this before, when I happily and eagerly took the antidepressants and the valium which I then created a dependence on. What about any person without so much knowledge, what hope do they have when their medical ‘professional’ advises these drugs???

The world we live in.

Exercise and food are the most under utilised drug. This is true.

‘Good humour is a tonic for mind nad body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment,’ Grenville Kleiser


All I was simply requesting was a referral to see a psychologist (i truly promote them as a personal trainer for your mind), someone I could talk to that isn’t in my world, about my pressures, frustrations and feelings without judgement. Yet I nearly walked out of there drugged up.

If anything I only feel more inspired to create change, to educate about the way we live (yes, I got my referral). Im not using this post to ask for sympathy or pity, simply as an expression of my thoughts.

“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them — every day begin the task anew.”Saint Francis de Sales

The truth is, the world aint all sunshine and rainbows…but its how you choose to act when you don’t feel so good that will define you.

Love & light, Charlie x.

*Note…It is ok to not be ‘amazing’ all the time, in fact it’s perfectly normal. And I can tell you this…everything will be ok, it always will be ok.



Just say yes.

Have you ever thought about how many opportunities you are missing?

‘To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.’ Benjamin Franklin


How often do you say no?

Are you living your life with a closed heart, are you afraid of change or are you to set in your ways?

As I reflect on the relationships I have in my life, friends, family (& lovers, kidding, this position is currently open), I understand that everyone has a WIIFM (Whats in it for me) mentality. We have become so busy, wrapped up in our own lives, our own ways we need to find benefits and rewards before we step out of our comfort zone or our preorganised time schedule for other people. It can be difficult to look past the ‘whats in it for me’ mentality, and do something purely for whats in it for the person you love? Contemplate that.

I have been prone to experiencing a feeling of loneliness, even though my life is filled with love and happiness, I still felt a sense of being alone. After all, who was there that truly loved me? This was felt after repetitive efforts of catching up with my good girlfriends, yet due to the pressing schedules of both of our lives weren’t able to make long overdue plans. This has happened more than numerous times. A sense of disappointment, loneliness and a seed of weakness in our friendship would develop within me.

‘I’ve been lucky. Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.’ Audrey Hepburn


Yet, as I reflect (the new year is the perfect time to be working on your strengths and weaknesses) I realise that this was not their issue. This was me, being the perfectionist, scheduled, time efficient woman I am…when I would request or try to organise our girlie/guy dates, I would only offer things to do and activities that worked into MY life. The things that I liked, regardless of them (I must say most of my social circle is health, active living focused so I am lucky I created that, but not all are).

A friendship is about compromise. Acting in this manner wasnt beneficial to either of us.

Start syaing yes. Yes to a coffee date, yes to a skydiving experience, yes to a 6am bootcamp (even though that means an atrocious 5am alarm and multiple grumbles from all participants 😉

Make time for the people you love, and create experiences and memories, doing what THEY love, not just what YOU love.

‘Opportunities multiply as they are seized.’ Sun Tzu

Say yes to an art exhibition, to paintballing, to trying new foods.


The world has so much to offer. Experience it. Breathe it in. Let it in.

Yet so often we are quick to say no. To live in our own bubbles with our blinkers on. Open your eyes, open your heart. And I can promise you you will be more than surprised, not just by who or what comes into your life, but by the true beauty of nature, the opportunity to feel free, to remember FUN.

‘Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.’ Orison Swett Marden

If someone wants to go out for dinner or the movies, but you feel like staying home (this is generally me, a homely girl), just go. This is how we connect, how we feel love. Be with the people who matter to you and who you matter to. I realised that those temporary feelings of loneliness were my own creation. It wasnt due to anyone elses negligence in offering me opportunities, it was my own stubborn/laziness.

After only a week of what feels like I have been living at a retreat (I have a soulsister staying with me for the week from melbourne, the week has been filled with every organic cafe, store, and green smoothie bar, yoga studios, training and every other type of productive activity you can imagine; goal planning, personal strengths & weakness analysis, cleansing, release work, the list goes on), I have had to practice the art of patience having another person in my life, yet have been able to truly  experience the pure delights of true friendship, love and new experiences. I have ben able to let go of my daily schedule, adn just ‘go with the flow’ and my what a journey. Memories of a lifetime are made of these moments.

‘A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.’ Harry S. Truman


I have written before, previous years mantras (focus) have been; respond, don’t react ’12’; Everything in balance ’13’.

This years mantra is to live with an open heart, even at the risk of being hurt. And if that does happen, that isn’t my karma that’s someone else’s, but I will choose to see opportunity and to love with an open heart, to give without expectation and to be open to new opportunities, new possibilities.

Love & light, Charlie x.

{Living with an open heart}

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Acting from your Ego…

‘It is the nature of the ego to take, and it is the nature of the soul to share. Proverb

What is ego acting?

When you are behaving in a manner that is conceited or with an inflated sense of self. Conceit, vanity, and importance can be characteristics of acting from your ego.

Before deciding who the people are in your life that may life this way, take a look within yourself… What egoic behaviours to you have?


The ‘ego’ can occur when we are coming from a place of fear or uncertainty. Ego can be experienced by anger, greed, pride, arrogance, self anxiety. Lack of self esteem can also bring out the ego; a low self esteem means you do not believe in yourself, your self confidence is low and you may be easily persuaded to give up, the ego or negative thought pattern will arise and justify this. This may involve great challenges in your life, doing something you have never done, it may occur when developing relationships and friendships, generally by making assumptions or making blame.

‘The foundation of the Buddha’s teachings lies in compassion, and the reason for practicing the teachings is to wipe out the persistence of ego, the number one enemy of compassion.’ Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

Research shows ego can be a highly destructive force within you, whilst being the motivation and determination or desire for more.

Ego is want and need.

Simply; acting with your ego is not good for your well being.

‘Anytime there is a struggle between doing what is actually right and doing what seems right then you ego is interfering with your decision’. Darren L. Johnson.


Interesting, self depreciating is what we would assume keeps us from reaching our highest heights, but it’s opposite, the ego, also keeps us in a place of mediocrity.

Fact: In Buddhist belief, you can perform an ‘egocide’ to remove your ego and release the full potential within you.



Ego is your inner self that may have been hurt somewhere along your life’s journey. Take time to heal. Nourish. Rebuild trust for yourself, with trust, self love will come.

Acting with your ego is a defence mechanism.

 ‘The authentic self is the best part of a human being. Its the part of you that already cares, that is already passionate about evolution. When your authentic self miraculously awakens and becomes stronger then your ego, then you will truly begin to make a difference in this world.’ Andrew Cohen

Are you driven by your ego? Your desire, greed, a need to succeed?

*ego driven people are always competing and comparing.

*they may fear asking for help in hope they will receive credit.

*they have a need to always be right.

*they live in the past or future, rarely in the now.

*they always want more

‘Your ego is your souls worst enemy’ Rusty Eric


Are you ready to change? Are you ready to create the life you love?

“Happiness is threatening and misery is safe – safe for the ego. Ego can exist only in misery and through misery. Ego is an island surrounded by hell; happiness is threatening to the ego, to the very existence of the ego. Happiness rises like a sun and the ego disappears, evaporates like a dewdrop on the grass leaf. Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha.

You can have a healthy ego, if you have self esteem, look after yourself and have values and morals. These are signs your ego is in balance.

Be confident, not arrogant; be humble, not proud; be driven, but appreciate; respond, don’t react; Listen, dont interrupt; Give more, take less..

Admit you are wrong when you are.

Give up the belief that you have to do it own your own.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Remember that the world does not revolve around you (sometimes we become so consumed in our own lives we forget to appreciate others).



This is a dream come true for me.

All my life I have been trying to figure out who I really am and what I really wanted to be. I have always dreamed of being more then what I was, of a life that was more then just living. I have dreamed of a life lived in passion, in spirit, in wellness.
Eat. Pray. Love is a favourite book/movie of mine. In particular where one word can sum up your being.
My word is ‘balance’.

To live a life in balance, in health, inspired, in happiness. This is my goal.


Health; a state of mind and body where the soul resides and happiness is found.


To nourish your body, to balance your body and to breathe with your soul.

We live in a world that is overwhelmed with information and research. It can become confusing. What is right, what is wrong??? nourish.balance.breathe is a blog that will endeavour to provide information about the latest trends in health, diet, wellness, fitness, fashion & beauty, whilst always promoting biochemical individuality*.

n the con-cept that the nutritional and chemical make-up of each person is unique and that dietary needs therefore vary from person to person.

Join me on my journey to wellness, to a life lived in balance, where happiness is (every moment of every day).

Love & Light, Charlie x.


*Please feel free to submit suggestions on topics you would like explored. This page is about creating a community of healthy happy people, where the quote ‘my religion is simple; my religion is kindness’ Buddha, is practised. Sharing love & kindness.