Be happy… NOW (not when you…)


Take a moment to stop and think..are you happy? Yes, no? Or are you a ‘when I’, or ‘when this happens’ Ill be happy?

Sorry to rock your world beautiful one but if you arent happy today with what you have right now in this exact moment…you wont be happy when you get those abs, that white range (yup thats on my own goal board), the hot hubby (yup, hes on there to) or whatever your ‘it’ might be.

Because your goals will always change and life will always happen. Things dont go to plan, and no matter how organised or proactive you might be…life will change. That guy that you adore, might not reciprocate your feelings. That promotion might be given to someone else. Etc, etc. What is meant for you will be.

You have to trust this, whilst working for all that you dream of, but being here today, present and grateful.



Happiness…what is it even?

Material things; that promotion, that house, $$$, do not guarantee happiness.

Yet we claim these as symbols of success, and success to be happiness.

‘Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is at their heels’ Bertolt Brecht

We use our ‘busyness’ as a sign of success; the busier we are the more important/successful we think we are.

Success, derived from the Latin succedere, means ‘to go on well’. Surely this would imply that success is a journey?

We {myself included} wake up with thoughts of ‘just do it’, ‘you can have it all’, ‘make it happen’, now Im not saying these are not good thoughts, but what is your ‘it’? What is ‘it’ that you are striving for.

Is it material? Or is it to inspire? Is it to love more? Emotional/spiritual goals? Are you looking for something/someone to complete you? Because the truth is, everything that you are looking for is right inside of you. And your happiness can be found in this moment.

Happiness is not an ‘it’ and the more you chase ‘it’ the more difficult it will become to achieve.

‘If your definition of success has little or no measure of love in it, get another definition’.


Tell me, if you were to go to sleep every night content and happy…is this success?

We often read bibliographies of great men, who upon their last words wished they had made more time for the things that mattered; their family, their wife…their loved ones. See, they’ve realised, just a little to late,  that love is what it is all about. At the end of the day.


It all comes down to love.

‘The intelligent man quickly realize the importance of gold’ Hafiz

What is really important to you?

If love is important, how can you have more love in your life today?

If happiness is important, how can you be happier today?

If health is important, how can you be healthier today?

Live a life you Love Ebook pic3

Be present now. Whilst yes, I am a dreamer and I have BIG plans, when I find myself daydreaming {this includes interior designing & launch party invite creations of my 5 year goal/The Clean Treats Factory} I have to make a conscious effort to return to the moment, to today. Because if I don’t, If I spend my time to far in the clouds, to far in the ‘when I’ thoughts, the things that actually need to be done to make this dream come true, wont be.

Do you do what you love everyday?

Do you smile with someone everyday?

Do you exercise, eat healthy, treat your body with respect everyday? (If your anything like me I know for a fact that eating well can be felt as happiness within my body).

These are moments of success.

‘Dont aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.’ David Frost.


{I am so blessed to receive such kind words like the above, truly makes my heart smile, and keeps me going when those not so great things happen, as they do in business, love, life.}

It is a proven fact that happier people are more productive. So saying something like ‘I am happy with my work’ will generate a positive outcome. Saying something like’ I hate work’ wont.

If today you can just be a little better than yesterday, your already on your way to creating your own dream reality.

‘Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill.

Even the above quote states that success is to keep going. If you ask me about business, happiness or love {not that I know a whole lot, I make mistakes everyday, but I am trying}, my words to you, to anyone would be to find what makes you happy, believe in yourself and never quit, and just blimmin enjoy it. Laugh, cry, scream, go to bed and then get the f&8k back up and get shit done.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Love right now. No matter where you are in your life, or what is happening, you are exactly where you should be & everything will always be ok.


Keeping up with the ‘movers’; the new age Joneses.

Take a look around you and check out the world you live in.You know the saying ‘you are a product of your environment’…or as good as the 5 people you surround yourself with.

‘To all the other dreamers out there, dont ever stop or let the worlds negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible.’ Adam Green.



What I find interesting is that Im my world I’ve somehow created a world of #boss people, entrepreneurs, dreamers…owners of their own passion and businesses.


‘The best thing to do when you find yourself in a hurting or vulnerable place is to surround yourself with the strongest, fnest, most positive people you know.’ Kristin Armstrong

Wow…when I think of this, yes I am very lucky. And I feel it, to have people who are in my world that a coffee meeting is a bounce meeting…sharing knowledge contacts and creating what I call collab Magic, that I can call and say ‘hey..I need your help, or what do you think about this?’ And honestly most of these people are much more accomplished and successful than me, further along in their secure businesses or more talented in their chosen fields.  

Now, I’m not sure if it’s the rat race called Sydney that I live in or if it’s just me but there also seems to be a downside to this…the new age ‘keeping up with the joneses’. From what I believe the ‘Joneses’ was all about the material things that created status like the Range Rover, the designer handbag, the house on the water. It probably still is. But I’m taking about a term ‘keeping up with the movers’…because my gosh they do move. These people are the dreamers, the believers, the movers and the shakers…even though I consider myself to be part of this world Id definitely say they shake me up!

We’re creating a culture that is based in a social media world that IS NOT REALITY, it is a perception of a life that person wants you to see to create a relevant thought about who you think they are. (No Im not having a go or saying anything negatively). Were taught to speak positively so in the world of social media were all happy every day, living a life we love and creating HUGE success.

Because of the way we share our lives on social media it seems to me that everybody is out their building huge empires (and I must admit I use this term also…you know… think what you want into your reality). What nobody shares is the struggle – and let me tell you the struggle is real.
Every single day you have to wake up and actively create your thoughts changing anything that’s negative to positive. Everyday you have to see mistakes or f*+k ups as opportunities. For me, I have no business partners or romantic partner (probably quite lucky at this stage because he wouldn’t know what Charlie he was coming home to him every night) to lean on or to rely on, or that just have my back. But it does seems iinvestors are the new age dream house, in the same sense of security. Again, I’m not saying I’m against them I’ll definitely be looking for some soon, or maybe…still undecided #controlfreak wink emoji. 

‘Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.’ John Wooden. 

Anyway…keeping up with greatness…it can take its toll on you. You might recall that I suffer depression and currently have adrenal fatigue so I’m just tired ALLLLLL the time (honestly really irritating me more than anything). As much as I want to go out there and change the world sometimes it can just be ‘to hard’ and a coffee or 2 is my passion substitute.

‘Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth. Honestly, there are enough and people out there in the world – you dont need to be your own worst enemy’ Lucy Hale



What I am learning to focus on is being grateful. Grateful that I am lucky enough to have such amazing inspirational leaders in my real world or even the ones on social media. Because yes even when it seems everybody is moving faster than a shooting star to their dreams and it feels like I’m here…revolving around mine like the sun around the earth…everyday they inspire me.
It’s when I act from my ego or a place of fear or my own instilled belief that ‘I’ll never be good enough ‘that I feel all the things that bring me down, make me destructive and definitely not productive. 
I’m also working on limiting my social media because as you probably now, 1 quick check can become an hr and next minute you’ve found ten other businesses in your area that are doing what you do, and their out there passionately chasing their dreams. 

‘You have to surround yourself with people who love you and want the best for you.’ Mena Suvari


Stop being afraid to do what you think you can’t do. And just do it. You are good enough. You can do it. You are worthy.

(note to self and to you!).
Love, Charlie x.



Self Love Sunday; Invest in yourself

Business is a funny thing, each day you can experience those on top of the world feelings, then the every next moment feel like your struggling to doggy paddle your way to shore, …or some form of safety, sometimes just trying to breathe (not that there is ever safety in business).

Change is good. It’s also often hard. But to succeed in business, you must run toward it.



For this reason, and as I am making the big leaps to make my business something  real, I decided to invest in a Business Coach. An investment that I felt was priceless.

While I know a bit about business from 10 years as a BDM {Business Development Manager} for leading companies in their respective fields, and managing…its a different world when you’re in your own business. Im currently re-reading the E myth…making the change from a toddler to adolescent business can be scary (and it is!). The most difficult issue being that while once you were everything in your business; the technician, the manager, the entrepreneur, the accountant, the dreamer, the marketing pro, the delivery man, the social media guru and every single thing in between, making the jump to potentially being a BIG business means your taking a leap of faith…not knowing what will happen but only knowing & trusting where you are going.

These are the things I am currently changing in my business world that will ultimately (I believe) progress me towards my BIG dream reality, my vision of making a healthy change in the world.

‘Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.’ Brian Tracey


*Staff….because I can’t keep doing everything, everyday. Now if you don’t know, this itself is a huge investment of time, the interviewing process…I wish I could have some type of lie detector test (I guess this is really only a test of my intuition), people know how to interview today, and your basically opening your heart and soul that you’ve made a business to other people. It’s imeperative they have the passion and drive that you do. For me, one of the Clean Treats values is INTEGRITY. Ad let’s be 200% honest, no one will ever love your business like you do…so honestly…. I am scared.


‘A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.’ Denis Waitley


In taking team members on board this also means; contracts, systems, policies and procedure manuals (that I dont have)…structure (that I also dont have a lot of).

NEW PACKAGING…as I write this on a Sunday, I underestimated how much work this would be. The risk…the pressure to get it right (I am also a perfectionist), and really just the need to have it now. Working with designers (this hasnt been my best experience) and printers, trying to make the decisions that will either mean success or failure (even though you can never fail if you dont quit), I should probably say the difference between right and wrong. And theres so many aspects to this. The legalities, the testing of the product, food regulations, display, appeal, marketing…..


As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.’ Robin S. Sharma


New Websites for both The Clean Treats Factory & my personal brand.

Ebook & Healthcoaching (I need to focus on this as helping people is my passion).

Secret projects… I cant write too much here, but these are completely new opportunities created with a thought… #collabmagic.

*Inhouse Accountant…its time for me not to waste anytime doing what I can average do and have a pro do what they professionally can.

So with all of the above, and some things being a lot more difficult than I imagined, it was only natural that I had a few tears when meeting with my Business Coach this week… her perfect words to me (and said excitedly) … your out of your comfort zone, this is where the magic happens.

‘Im continually trying to make choices that put me against my comfort zone. As long as your uncomfortable, it means your growing.’ Ashton Kutcher




Im SO uncomfortable right now. Her (I’m using Alison Morgan from The Relauncher ) words were a perfect realisation for me. Spoken at the right time, in a little moment of self doubt & pressure. This is exactly the reason I chose to work with her.

A business coach is someone that might have more experience in an industry than you, it might be someone who has more experience with wealth creation, or it could be someone who inspires you… for me, Alison was this.

She gives me homework, so I can’t be ‘to busy’ not to do some of the things I need to do, she lets me know that everything is going to be ok when I feel overwhelmed and out of control, she helps me get all the crazy thoughts that consume out onto paper and helps me make a plan. So instead of doing everything I can until I burn out, we make a strategic plan and timeline so I know whats happening and when and can pause for a moment to catch my breath. I just feel like she has my back.


You see getting a business coach, isnt admitting your bad at business, but it’s reaching out for help and making an investment in your self and your business because you might be too far in to look perspectively at all the wonder you’re creating (perhaps even the mess you are making). Just like you get a personal trainer for your body, a business coach is an investment you are making in your business, in your desire to be more, to grow and develop, and personally I dont have the business skills I know I will require to take my business where I want it to be. So in the terms of Henry Ford (he was a great man who knew nothing about his industry), build a team around you of people who are experts at what they do, so you can be an expert in what you do (me…Im the dreamer, the lover, the idealist)

‘Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.’ Max McKeown

Another thing…its kind of like a health coach, your basically paying for someone to hold your hand, and when you don’t have a world of business minded people/family/husband/lover, or financial support behind you…that alone is more than priceless.

Love & light, Charlie x.

{look her up, Alison also does skype coaching and I highly recommend her)

Blessed {thank you}

Its taken me a few days to get time to sit down and write this.

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me with my crowdfunding campaign… it was a SUCCESS!  & I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to you. Words cannot portray the love & gratitude I feel in my heart.



‘Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.’ Harriet Tubman 

The truth is, it was a big risk {and scary as hell}, to put myself and my brand out there and just say ‘hey, I need your help’.

As mush as we say its ok to ask for help, how often do we? Yet instead most of us chose to act strong & like everything is perfect with our rose tinted glasses on.

I can honestly say, something had to change for me. This made my decision about the launching the campaign. I couldnt keep doing the little things I was doing, working harder not smarter and making slow progress (yes, progress is still progress). But I knew I was close to burn out.

‘Oh, I was never a businessman. I was a visionary, a dreamer.’ Jim Bakker

With my business, its never had a $ of investment, instead it was created from a need to pay my own living costs and grow itself. & truth be told I love this about my story. I dont even have a credit card so I can instead chose to grow organically. Now, this is great & all, but it can also mean that growth may be slower, or in my case I was struggling to keep up with the growth & needs of my clients (more so on a time limit).

‘I think of myself not just as a dreamer, but as a dream chaser’. Sarah Brightman

So because of you, & my leap of faith, today Im sending of the brand new packaging to China for my first sample…



New packaging front


What do you think? {The Muscle Ball range is Mint Green & the display box is Kraft cardboard}

You see, what you have done, by showing me love, pre ordering & sharing my campaign, is restore my faith (that was getting a little tired from hrs of exhausting myself & Adrenal Fatigue) that I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I should be doing (my recent Angel reading also said this). Youve shown me that there is a need for a product like mine (1 year of business also shows this), and that together, we, the people can make a change. This is EXCITING.

You know just the other day I read an article that McDonalds is losing money… This is success. WE can create a change by learning to love ourselves and  make healthy changes. By learning to listen to our bodies. Instead of focusing on the things you dont like, focus on the things you do and all the good you are blessed with.


Because of the campaign success, I also decided its time to STEP up my game, and my own health so I can be the very best I can be. No more excuses. No more mistreatment of my body (too much sugar, not enough self love). Its time to honour the beautiful body I was created with & give it everything it needs to give me what I need. You eat well, you feel well…such a good circle.

For me, & for my business, but for you. Anyone that takes the time to read my blogs and share my journey with me.

Because I have BIG dreams & I believe in them with every essence of my being. YOU have given me a new opportunity to shine (I CANNOT WAIT TO RELEASE THE NEW PRODUCT).


And Im doing the work. So many people say they want to do their own thing, but their not prepared to do the work. Not prepared to get up an hr earlier, go to bed an hr later, say no to social engagements & commit themselves fully to their dream.

I am. The next 3 months I have given myself to do everything I can to bring a better & improved product & company to you. Regardless of the weekends missed, I know what Im running towards, the dreams that are becoming my reality. Im prepared to go without do my business can go with.

Can you see yours? Do you know where your going? What are you running towards???

Its so easy to get confused & off track, I mean theres so much competition out there & entrepreneurship isnt easy. But if you believe, even 2 steps forward, 1 step back…sideways or upside down…it doesnt matter. Your headed in the right direction. Trust, faith & believe in yourself always.

‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.’ Colin Powell

My current frame of mind is taking from one of the greatest businessmen in history; Henry Ford, who knew nothing about the Steel industry but built a team around him of people who were experts with what they knew so he could do what he did best. And its a pretty special place to be, to be able to have a business coach (who makes me do homework & get out of my own mind), a graphic designer to bring a professional product to you, a lawyer to get everything that needs to be done, done, an accountant to look after all my figures, an intern to do the little things and today interviewing staff for the kitchen, so I can do what I love doing & do best… including writing, coaching & being the dreamer I am.

‘Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.’ Gail Devers

I am blessed & grateful. Thank you.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Because together, we can make a change in the world.


#Boss life.

I wrote this last week when I was feeling inspired, to share with you the true journey of an entrepreneur…hustling AND struggling, making mistakes AND growing.

Because we see inspirational people who have achieved ‘success’, yet we dont see their struggle. What happens in all those in between years? So youve started a company…how do you go from small business to big business and when can you say youve ‘made it’? The actual reality that is behind starting your own business you have to wake up chasing your dreams, you have to create a sense of self so strong that you are able to always get back up after failing or being pushed down. You have to believe and have a strong sense of self that cannot be broken.boss5
I’m on a flight to Melbourne for the Filex show. Clean Treats is having a stand, my 2nd event of this type {read big scale, 30,000 visitors} in 4 weeks.

I feel a quiet contentment in my soul.
There is no stress, no worry, no concerns for I know now, especially after the first expo and this whole year of business, my first,  that what will be will be.

It was just over one year ago today that I didn’t even have any #balls. I was trying to make my life & living being a health coach and speaker in a field that is influxed with ‘professionals’. What I have found that success in this takes not only a long time but its all about who you know and being honest, your social media following.

 “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”  Michael Jordan

It was with desperation to pay my rent that I created a product (I was actually lucky, the #balls happened. I was surprised myself that they did with no recipes  but worked first go for my first 3 love ball range flavours).


Now 1 year on, as I continuously read personal development books (currently the E myth & Inspiration from Lisa Messenger) my business that has no business plan, a business that was created out of desperation not to be homeless, is it’s at its adolescent stage. Grown from being a baby business, something I wasn’t quite sure was real or in fact sustainable…just operating week to week, now has its own little legs and is starting to run {if your familiar with the book and the reference of adolescence you’ll also know that at this stage my business is running me, I’m not running it and that’s my the best place to be).

 “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”  –Reid Hoffman

{the above quote! So true…Ive done so many things and have later thought what was I thinking? But its good to laugh, look back, change and move forward}

I cannot begin to write the extent of struggles I’ve experienced; from not being able to pay rent on several occasions, not being able to pay power bills. To having to put $5 petrol in, or do deliveries with the E light on. To breaking down emotionally in public then having to walk into a meeting with a potential new client. Having to rush to a the nearest bathroom facilities to throw up (stress sickness). To feeling all alone with no support (even though I have a world of support around me). 


To now, 1 year later about to exhibit with my own team of #ballers, at the largest fitness and health exhibition in Australia after making a statement lat year that I would have my own stand this year. To expose my business: something I have created from nothing, product to logos, design….everything that is Clean Treats to approximately 30,000 people.

To the moments that I have cried tears of happiness. To feeling my heart so full it could burst. To feeling 200% in tune with my passion and my purpose. 

 “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right.”  –Henry Ford

And truth be told not everyday I awake with passion stronger than caffeine. Some days it is about one foot in front of the other.

I’m now ready to pass on the things that give me headaches: finances, tax etc so I can ensure allll of my energy is focused on the things I now how to do and can do them well (sales, sharing love, playing with balls 🙂

Business is my game & creating a healthy happy change in the world is my goal.

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”  –Nolan Bushnell

I truly believe the universe gave me an avenue (because believe me I am not a great cook, & sometimes I don’t particularly like 14hr days in the kitchen, or having to spend the 4 day easter weekend in prep with 5000 balls before the fitness expo) to be the best that I can be. To test every skill I have ever acquired from working for some of the best companies in Australia; Pevonia Botanica, Flush Fitness, Napoleon Perdis. All companies created by someone with a dream. Someone with drive, belief and the tenacious self belief to say yes to a world that will say no. I remember to this day when the CEO of pevonia Botanica (a leading proffessional skin care company) inspired us, his team of 15 sales reps that he once had to go out door knocking. He had to walk the streets to get accounts. 7 years later the company was turning over $8million and awarded best skin care distributor (this was a while ago). Because he believed. And he did the work.

 “Don’t be afraid to assert yourself, have confidence in your abilities, and don’t let the bastards get you down.”  –Michael Bloomberg

The purpose of this post (I have missed writing!!) is to say thank you.

To everyone who has been or is still part of my journey. Whether you hate me or love me, like me or don’t…you have influenced me in some way.

If you have a dream chase it.
Do everything you can.
(You have to let go of your ego and pride sometimes; for example when you have to ask your baby brother to bail you out for rent #loveyou)
Back yourself. And be prepared to do what needs to be done. To say no to dinner or a social engagement because you have to work.
There is no balance in the beginning. This I know. You have to live and breathe your business, because you are everything and the only thing it has. When it’s you, and only you trying to make ends meet with no financial backers, you’ve got to do what needs to be done…hrs upon hrs of work…commiting to a goal, a dream noone can see but you. You have be the the chef, the social media pro, the business manager, the admin assistant, the delivery man, the accountant, the communications, strategist, product packer… everything above and beyond any lines. Its all you. 


I have HUGE dreams. And they scare me.
I’m getting tired of being the small guy to some companies, told no repeatedly or just treated with a blaze approach (think orders/suppliers etc) so it’s time I put in place some big systems and take action to be where and who I want to be. 
In writing that, I also know I am exactly where I should be, in this exact moment. Learning everyday. Taking a jump, running fast, falling down, and sometimes barely even crawling towards my dreams. But I am always going in the right direction towards them.
I am excited (especially for new packaging, new procedures and some new partnerships that I am creating/will make happen because I want to run my business not have it run me).
I’m not perfct. I make mistakes (everydayyyyyyy) but I am trying (and yes I left that spelling mistake there).


And so should you. Because together we can be the change the world needs.

Love, Charlie x.

{from The Clean Treats Factory}

I believe. Do you?

Detox your Mind

And it is as good as it sounds! All to often we go on quick detox’s for our bodies, 1, 2 or 3 day juice cleanses, lean protein & greens, cut carbs, (hopefully not) The lemon detox etc, especially after the festive season or when we are feeling a bit blahhh (sorry no other expletive word).

What about our MINDS?? When was the last time you detoxed your Mind? Or trained your Mind? Did you pick up an educational, inspirational book this morning and start your day with creative, intelligent thinking???



” Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill 

When we are feeling like it’s all getting a bit too much (my current state, I need an organisation fairy asap, Applications for a Social Media Superstar here ), when we hold onto the past, lost love, situations or create anxiety in the present moment, when we feel the weight of the world is on our shoulders.

When your just not feeling IT.

This is a sign you need to detox your mind.

I am so passionate about training our mind as we train our bodies. EVERY single day we go to the gym, sometimes twice, to train our muscles to feel better and lets be honest, most the time to enhance our aesthetic looks to be more attractive.

How often do you train your mind? Surely this is just as important. EVERY day, if not twice a day. To be truly beautiful is an inside job, no amount of plumping, fake eyelashes or muscles will ever be the same beauty as a beautiful heart and mind.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation. To be an opportunity seeker rather than problem maker. To be a beautiful person comes from your mind… being calm in moments of stress. To always give more than you get. To truly believe that when you change your thoughts you can change the world around you.

TRAIN your Mind.

But first, detox your mind from all that baggage your holding onto. So what the engagement didnt work out as it should have, so what if you’ve lost friends, so what if the career you wanted just seems a little to far out of reach. (geez its no wonder we feel like were carrying the weight of the world on our houlders, were carrying our whole lives). These things really dont matter. What matters is NOW. Your life, right now. In this moment.

Think about it, think about all the beauty you have (even though I know sometimes it can feel like there’s not a lot at all), take a moment to appreciate. To cultivate gratitude for the love you do have in your life, for the very fact that is a new day and you can chose to be the person you want to be.

‘This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.’ Dalai Lama

Im pretty excited to start, and I know Im in need of, the new 30 Day Detox Your Mind by Debbie Spellman.

debbie spellman

Which when implemented, will help you to:

● Feel confident that you can gracefully handle whatever life throws at you.

● Let go of control over outcomes in your life while simultaneously feeling more in control of your past, present, and future than ever before.

● Release the general anxiety and worry that’s become so constant that you don’t even notice it anymore.

● Find leisure time in your everyday life. And more importantly, how to absolutely love that alone time without feeling like you need to be doing something else or having your thoughts running a mile a minute.

● Dissolve your scarcity mindset once and for all. Start attracting the abundance to your life that you know you deserve.

● Clear the unconscious mental patterns that are keeping you in self-destructive cycles. You won’t be able to achieve a higher level of happiness until you do this.

● Wake up excited and energized for the day ahead and go to bed feeling totally at ease.

For 30-Days you’ll receive a daily action step that will help you master the day’s lesson and achieve the level of happiness you’ve always wanted.

All you have to do is to grab your morning tea, cozy up with your computer, and spend 5 minutes with the day’s lesson.


“You can close the windows and darken your room, but you can also open the windows and let light get in. It is a matter of choice. Your mind is your room. Do you darken it or do you fill it with light?”

YES! Stop the crazy diets, thinking that when you get abs you’ll be happy, stop chasing the dream job that when you get, you think youll be happy, stop chasing Mr Right, that you think when you find everything else will fall magically into place and you will live happily ever after. Happiness is yours. Today. Wherever and whatever it is that you are doing (and yes sometimes I have to even remind myself of this when Im in the kitchen, rolling thousands of balls for hrs on end for Clean Treats )

Join me and many others as we create mental clarity, ease of thinking, peace in your mind. Its time to start training your mind. Every day. To see the beauty in the world we live in.

“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.” Frank McCourt

Are you ready to let go of all that s^&t your holding onto and be the best person you can be?

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Debbie Spellman is a well renowned NLP therapist who has been published nationally in magazines such as Womens Fitness, Cosmopolitan, Womens Day & many more. Debbie has graced the stage with many of Australia’s key experts in the Health & Wellness Industry sharing her heart-felt message of self-worth for women. Described as ‘authentic, real and inspirational’ her ability to touch the depths of a woman’s heart continues to stir a connection from the audience that captivates and encourages hope, whilst providing real-life examples and proven techniques providing not only guidance but tangible value.


Love, Charlie x.

“When you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your life.”

Currently training my mind with ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ Ryan Holiday.

7 Traits of Truly Sensational Startup Employees

My first blog of the year and I read this and thought…perfect!



As Im currently aiming to give 200% in my business, targeting a 200% growth and hiring my first employee, this read was perfect. So naturally of course, I had to share.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” Jack Welch

{Original posted on Entrepreneur, by LinkedIn Influencer, Dharmesh Shah}

While you might think a great employee is a great employee no matter where she works, what matters in a small, growth-oriented startup is often very different from what matters in a huge, stability-oriented corporation.

For one thing, the ability to successfully navigate politics-filled waters is usually a lot less important in a startup. Plus, since the organizations tend to be flatter, standing out is often more a matter of what you accomplish than of whom you know.

(But then again I love startups and I love startup cultures… so I’m probably biased.)

I’ve been in an around startups for a long time and known some great startup folks (including many that work at HubSpot). I think I have a sense for what makes for truly sensational people at a startup.

Here’s my (partial) list:

1. They would much rather act than deliberate.

I’ve only written one business plan in my life. It was while I was in business school, and it was required. Generally, I think business plans are pretty useless (but the planning process can be quite useful).

The problem with business plans is that things change so quickly in the startup world. Before the ink is even dry on that 100+ page business plan as it shoots out the printer, things have already changed and “the plan” is already outdated. Stuff happens: Good stuff, bad stuff — and every now and then, amazing stuff.

Very few startups I know – or companies I’ve invested in – resemble their original business plan. (And that’s a good thing, because it means they’re shaping their businesses to meet the needs of their customers.)

Great startup employees are the same way. They think a little and then do a lot. And then they adapt and modify.

The best companies often don’t start with a brilliant idea, they iterate into one.
It’s hard to learn from thinking. It’s much easier to learn from doing.


2. They don’t care about what’s behind the curtain.

In some corporations, offices – and the perceived status that come with them – are everything. A corner office makes you better than someone with a hallway office. A hallway office makes you better than someone in a cubicle.

(At my company I don’t have an office – I’m not sure what that makes me.)

Startups generally avoid politics. Instead of obsessing who has the bigger desk/office, they obsess over the customer.

Sensational start-up employees understand calories are best spent making a real difference for customers. Every business has finite resources. The key is to spend as much of those resources as possible on things that matter to the customers — or, at least genuinely matter to the team. Fretting over trivial things doesn’t help anyone. It’s just a waste of energy.

3. They don’t see money as the solution to every problem.

Sure, capital-intensive ventures that require extensive investment may need significant cash to get going, but most businesses require little funding to get started. (A quick glance at the Inc. 5000 list shows just how many startups were founded with relatively little funding.)

One of the key lessons first-time entrepreneurs need to learn is resourcefulness. How do you take limited resources and turn them into something remarkable?

That’s also true of the best startup employees. They’re remarkably resourceful. They’re not looking to build an army of people to do their bidding They’re not looking to spend thousands on advertising to avoid the hard work of writing a blog. They’re constantly looking for creative ways to make the most of the resources they have.

In short, they throw brains at problems, not money. And the solutions they come up with are almost always better. And, the connections built between people from solving problems creatively are some of the strongest connections that can be built.

4. They see every customer as an individual that deserves respect.

Maybe you have hundreds or thousands of customers. If so, that’s awesome – but that also can mean you face the danger of thinking of your customers as a nameless, faceless group of revenue-producing entities.

But no matter how many customers you have, each is an individual. The day you start thinking of them as this amorphous “collection” and stop thinking of them as people is the day you start going out of business.

Great startup employees never lose sight of the fact that every customer is a person: a person with hopes, dreams, expectations, needs… and a person who ultimately wants to be treated as a person. Yes, they worry about the “market” and work to build a business that can scale as it grows. But, that’s shouldn’t be an excuse for not caring about customers.

Great startup employees solve for the customer – and in so doing, they solve for the business.


5. They love a meritocracy.

Sensational startup employees hate politics. They hate hidden agendas. They hate the “good old boys” network.

They’re willing to succeed on their own merits – because they believe in themselves.

And they believe in others, too.


6. They care much more about their peers than the perks.

Catered meals. Free massages. Lavish parties. These are all perks — and they’re great if you have them. But, the best people care much more about who they work with (their peers) than the perks they get.

This is for a very simple reason: The #1 benefit of working at a startup is that you get to learn. And, how much you learn is largely a function of how much autonomy you have — and who you’re around.

Also, stars know intuitively that life is short. Too short to work with people you don’t enjoy.

7. They instinctively focus on the company’s mission.

Walk through any huge corporation and you’ll find people who have created their own jobs (and not in a good way.)

Some will have developed databases filled with data (but resulting in no usable insight) because they love building databases. Some will have created fancy charts (again resulting in no usable insight) because they love creating fancy charts. Some will schedule meeting after meeting (none of which resulting in meaningful decisions) because they love being in charge… and they love hearing themselves talk.

Great start-up employees focus on the core mission of the company. They build products customers want. They meet customer needs. They help other employees succeed. The best people don’t just bide their time while they’re at work. They squeeze as much value out of that time as they possibly can in furthering the organization’s mission.

They try to make tomorrow better than today for everyone around them – because that’s what they love to do.

{LOVE the last statement!!!}


“If anything goes bad, then I did it. If anything goes semi-good, then we did it. If anything goes real good, then you did it.” Paul “Bear” Bryant, American college football coach

Love, Charlie x.

If you are looking for a position within a start up company, I am currently hiring. Im looking for an all round superstar; someone with social media, PR skills, Personal assistant and kitchenhand.

You  must be prepared to start from the bottom to grow with my business (and it is, 4 new stockists this week alone). Ingenuity and outside the box thinking is rewarded.

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Experience in the health, food, wellness industry is preferred.

The year that was.

Are you spending time reflecting? Planning?

New Years; the perfect time of year to revisit the last year and create all those New Years resolutions (which, in all honesty how often do you stick to?)

‘Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.’ Buddha

As my 31st birthday was only a week ago, I’m also reflecting on the year that was my flirty 30… minus the flirty.

All to often we get consumed with where we are going, where we want to be, who we want to be, that we forget who and where we are, in this exact moment.

Do I have the family I had dreamed I would? The beautiful apartment we owned {me & my hot hubby of course}? Do I drive my dream car (white range ;)… the answer is no. Does this make me less of a success than if I did? No.

Instead this year:

I found myself.

‘You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.’ Buddha

This has to be my #1 most important and priceless lesson I have learnt. I have learnt that in all times of stress, uncertainty, anxiety, (read tears & pain, can’t get out of bed/what the f%&k am I doing thinking), you have to trust yourself. Your passion. Your belief. You have to do the work every day so that when life hits, and it hits hard, you are able to get knocked down, then promptly stand up and say is that all youve got? Time after time I have learnt that this year.

From the time I couldnt afford to pay my power bills and had to apply to the Salvation army for support (not that I could get it because I work for myself etc).

From the time I had to ask a friend to pay my rent for me.

From the release of my book with mistakes.

From the time I altered my recipe/Clean Treats for better processing time, which then created faulty stock… {AHHH}

From the time my ex who has a fiance came into my life and told me I was the one, the love of his life, wanted to build a world, get married, have a family etc, then promptly re disappeared.

From and in between all the unsuccessful dating escapades I’ve been on (not that many, hence the minus of ‘flirty’ before  thirty and the #onedatewonder) to the new and then broken friendships, new and lost clients…

In between all of this I was given the greatest gift of all. I found myself. I have realised that I am alone, but not lonely. As much as I dream of a real love, I have all my love to give to my business, my passion, my purpose, to you right now. This is my focus. Where I am is exactly where I am meant to be and I am thankful for everything that has happened to teach me, to learn from and to appreciate all that I do have.


Now, I’m not saying that now I have an ego that strides next to me everywhere I go, instead, I’m still here feeling anxiety (even currently as Im processing big change in my life, I don’t like to be unorganised), I have a quiet confidence that has been instilled within my heart, my mind, my soul…I’ve got this. Whatever it is. Whatever happens, Ive got it.

I’ve learnt to look for opportunities in every mistake.

You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.
– Ralph Marston

Geez. This is one of the best…opportunity thinking, because let me tell you, if you are building a business or a life and take every mistake you make as a personal hit and beat yourself up about it, how can you expect yourself to ever get up? You have to be your own cheerleader.

I have loved and lost. I have learnt that this is ok. As I get older I am constantly surprised with the flow of people in your life, sometimes people can be so close, yet sometimes so far away.


Ive learnt that adoration is very different from love. You can meet people and create a #crush, adore them and who they seem to be, yet only sometimes will this turn into either a real relationship, or that soul shaking friendship (you know when you just know theyve got your back)?

We write #wifey, #lover, ‘I love you’ everywhere, yet how often do we mean these words? And on the flip side how often do you say these words to the people you actually do love?

Through this flow I’ve created a world of love and inspiration, mentors (I cannot believe some of the people/creators of their own empires that I now have to call, smile & laugh or stress with/learn from) and amazing people around me, yet I’ve also found my wall has been built higher, more impenetrable than ever before (read #trustissues).



Do not mistake my kindness for
•|| W E A K N E S S ||•

My kindness is my greatest
•|| S T R E N G T H ||•

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for. For the good, the not so good, the love, the pain…life, this is it and its beautiful.

This year I’ve gained 5kg, lost 2, gained 3, lost 1 etc…created a binge eating problem, ran a full marathon, 42km with no training 4.5 hrs, started boxing, gave up boxing, played with yoga, meditation, got bored of yoga and meditation (as much as I know I need them), looked in the mirror and hated myself… and at the end of it all Ive done more this whole year than most of my life combined and I am happy. Not lean, but happy.

Re the marathon; just wow. I highly promote this or any what may seem impossible goal to anyone. I decided 1 week prior and then just did (I am a little lucky, I have been a runner my whole life, and it is my chosen form of stress relief). The after effect: it felt like every cell in my body was alive, alert…having a party. Just wow.

This year, as I’m sitting here amongst my apartment that is half packed up, reports and receipts lying all around me, I’m not making any big promises, and new years resolutions, Im not starting a diet. In fact that’s a lie. I’m starting my new plan; the NO diet, diet. From a book? A program I paid for? NO. Just NO diet. Eat what I want when I want, train, run, walk,, yoga anything when I want. Changing my thinking and listening to my body.

‘Life isnt about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.’ George Bernard Shaw

I am however re acquainting myself with my yoga matt. And I’m spending new years eve/night (ill probably be asleep by 12pm #nanaandlovesit {you can all start the first day of the year removing toxins and feeling off}  working on my dream/goal/and rule boards.

These have been well overdue. And I’m talking about the small things like; Monday kitchen, Tues/weds/thurs delivery. Fri Admin; expense, marketing, social media…ETC. That really exciting stuff 😉 And I actually am EXCITED (please dont judge me). Im actually creating a job description and role for myself, because #bosslife, doing what I want when I want, has had me working harder, not smarter.


Rules for myself; i.e no less than 8 hrs sleep per night. Technical detox (yup, no more naughty scrolling/stalking at 12pm at night) at 10pm. Morning walking or meditation. These aren’t so much even rules, but these are the things I KNOW make me feel good. And sometimes when your trying to create and build a business organically, you and your health can become lost within the pressures, the late night orders, questions etc.

My health is my #1 investment. So I’m writing my own rules. Keeping a focus on what makes me feel good, really good.

Oh, and something I had forgotten that makes me feel so good; a weekly book store visit and new book. Not a romance novel which only fills my mind with more hopeless romantic notions (read, I will never settle for anything less than the whole zoo when Im with you), but business books, people who have created their dream life, people who have said yes when the world has told them no. This is one of my pure soul #happy actions.


So as I reflect, feeling a little on edge (I just need to move and get settled, I really, really DISLIKE my home environment being unsettled), as I’m about to hire my first #baller/personal assistant, all I want to say to you, my readers, my clients, my friends, my lovers, my #wifeys, my #soulies, my #healthies, every single person who has touched my life in any way, good or bad, for a moment or a lifetime…thank you.


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
– Marcel Proust

I wouldn’t be here, trying to create a life I love to live, a healthy change in the world and hopefully inspiring just one person daily…without you.

‘Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.’ Buddha

Instead of making New YEAR goals, let’s make New DAY goals…every day. Be a better person, today. Make healthier choices, today. Say I love you, today. Take time to just be, today.

So much heartfelt, soul deep love to you, Charlie x.


Busy, my new swear word.

Yesterday I fell into bed at 6pm, and I just couldnt move. I was on edge, uneasy, anxious, I was having difficulty to breathe and completely exhausted.

I was torn between getting up and doing the gym workout I knew I was supposed to do and just sleeping, just hiding away from the world, turning off and letting everything go.

I listend to my body and nearly instantly fell asleep for a good few hours.

This week I was B U S Y. Ridiculously so it felt.

‘Beware the barrenness of a busy life.’ Socrates



Its been an emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting week.

By wednesday I said to a friend ‘I feel like im about to fall apart’ and had every intention of cancelling my birthday, by Thursday, Id had a #ball/sugar attack, and by Friday I was simply trying to breath.

‘The sky isnt aways blue, the sun doesnt always shine, and its okay to fall apart sometimes.’ 

Busy. My new swear word.

This is my week.

*Its basically the last week for personal Christmas pack orders. Packing, posting, personal notes.

*The Clean Treats Factory Investor meeting {obviously the highlight! Also takes huge mental preparation}

Coordinating Christmas promotions and clients Christmas events.

Last week for most client orders for 50% of my clients, already taking pre orders for existing and new clients in the new Year.

Its the last week of all my suppliers for several weeks, meaning I have to be extra organised with boxes, products, marketing materials etc.

I was supposed to be organising a trip to Qld for Christmas; friend catchups, client meetings and new business contacts.

Its my birthday tomorrow; required people organising, dress, tan, makeup, shoes etc.

Christmas is next week.

My flatmate tells me she’s moving out {which then created emotional instability, hurt feelings, mistrust…worst time of the year #ever). Which then requires the stress of finding someone new, investing time and energy both which I dont have into trying to (and especially over the holiday season, whilst Im away)?  Or do I move? Decision making….

Decision made. Moving. Now requires, moving, new lease, packing ETC. (honestly moving is one of the worst things ever). A day after New Years {#nice, insert sarcastic emoji}.

Trying to organise New Years, Tickets. Outfit ETC.

*Trying to do no carbs/eat clean… {failing obviously}

*Gym (at the end of the day just making it there felt like a huge accomplishment).

And Im meant to be organising all my new packaging, designing new marketing ready for the New Year.

Now, this may seem a little or a lot to you, but to me its felt like a whole lot, perhaps its because its the end of a big, B U S Y, unstable, yet productive,…BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE (my 30’s)


Ive become one of those people when asked how they are… Busy (arghhhh). And in all honesty, I know because I think it when people say it to me…how productive is your busy???

Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishmeny and to either of tehse ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.’ Thomas A. Edison. 

And Im the first to say, in fact I have been saying it to the few close to me…I need to work smarter not harder. Im actually doing ym own head in with some of the silly mistakes I make because of the ‘busy’ pressure I feel under.

As a small startup business (no investment) everything is organic growth, which means I have to get orders before I can order marketing material, promotional items…stock for my product. This is not time efficient, but its just the way it is, for now.

Busy is a swear word.

When I think Im ‘busy’ Im more focused on being busy then actually productive, or how grateful I am my days a re full. I feel anxious, frustrated, nervy, on the verge of just breaking down.

Busy, is a swear word to your body. Being busy creates stress. ‘Theres no question you consume more when youre under pressure. And, thanks to spikes in hormones such as cortisol and insulin, research shows you also crave higher cal foods, says psychiatrist Dr Elissa Epel.  Whats more your emotional state while eating may determine whether – and – where – calories get stored as fat. ‘When your body feels threatened it stashes fuel in your abdomen, where it can be accessed quickly,’ she says. Excerpt 30 ways to a calm you, Shape magazine.

Theres something about the word busy that automatically creates a feeling of anxiety for me, an out of control, testing myself, not sure if Ill get everything done feeling. And as always, Im not saying that everyone feels this, this is just me expressing what happens in my crazy passionate #dreamer mind.


Busy. A word thrown around as perceived social status. How are you, Im busy. So common; if were busy its acceptable. {And I do it all the time}. If were busy, we must be doing ok right?

How are you?, ‘Productive, calm, in control.’ (I even feel calm writing that answer) Might take people back a bit Id say.

Busy. Creates clutter. Pressure.

Ive got it under control…creates calm.

It always has been and always will be about your thoughts, and you do have the power to change them. Although sometimes, this week for example, it was simply a case of one foot in front of the other….get shit done. And thats ok to. Release the guilt, the fear of failure and just do what needs to be done.

You have to learn to go with the flow…evolve your capacity to take it as it comes and learn to be creative with a little ingenuity to get things done. Because if there is one thing I have learnt in business, is, its unpredictable, from one day/week to the next, (although as my brand is building it seems to be 2 steps forward with only half a step back). So you learn from it. Feel it. Then create new ways to do things better. Smarter, not harder.

‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.’ Confucius


So the night before I turn 31, and yes perhaps theres some of those emotions mixed in with my week as Im still no where closer to my childhood romanticised dream of a hubby, kids, house, dog, white picket fence etc by the time I was 30, and yes I have released this childhood belief, merely stating…Im still single) Im going to spend tonight with myself. Im getting a massage, a Rainbow salad from one my favourite places; O Superfood in Bondi  (also stockist of Clean Treats) and Im going to desire map. how do I want to feel?

I dont really adapt well to change, its something Ive always struggled with, business is fine but personally? Still learning.

So as its been a week with huge changes; my Qld plans are now cancelled (which also creates a sense of letting people down). Im looking forward to a few days between Christmas and New Years to create some systems for not only my business but myself.

‘Things don’t go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.’ Charlie Jones

What I have found this week is I am an emotional/stress eater. So, it makes sense to create measures to minimise the stress/uncertainty/pressure I feel. From the little things like specific pre order days, to specific delivery days and set daily/weekly plans for myself. For whilst I might work good under pressure, my body doesnt.

“Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.” ~ Paulo Coelho

So busy, is now a swear word in my vocabulary. I will refrain from using it and instead choose to create systems and ways to be productive, efficient and calm.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Like treat myself to a massage 😉





Good business. Bad business.

As an amateur in working for myself, all I can say is I’m trying.


I make a f^+k load of mistakes as proof of this. I dont claim to be perfect. Just real.

‘Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.’ Steve Jobs

My social media sites & the way I speak about my business (generally in an over enthusiastic, can’t shut me up, passionate way) is not so much a look at me ‘I’m doing so well’ it’s more from a quiet confidence, from a belief I have in myself and my dream…a confidence I am earning everyday & working dam hard for. I have been tested, I mean everyday I still am, and Ive definitely be tried. I do believe that every mistake is an opportunity to learn from and be better.

Now, I’ve been a business development manager for reputable companies, all respectively leaders in their own fields, for the past ten years and would say I’ve learnt a little about how to do good business, compared to the opposite that is bad business, although I’ve definitely learnt some of that to.

Im not saying what I believe is the right way, or the wrong way. I’m simply sharing with you my personal beliefs (as always within my blog).

‘The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.’ Peter Drucker

Every day I speak to entrepreneurs (this is also the latest fad word), perhaps a better word is the dreamers, the game changers, the crazy ones that believe they can make a change (and yup I’m one and proud). A common complaint is the ‘imitation’ of your brand and product. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…who made that up? Imitation is just dam irritating. I mean, isn’t there enough dreams in the world? Can’t you have your own??? It was only yesterday I was speaking to someone who had someone close to her, who she had confided in basically take her idea.
Dissapointment levels….high.

The fact that they cannot build what you have with your passion and purpose…priceless.

You see at the end of the day…you are your brand. FULLSTOP.


I am my brand hence my post the other and every week about my struggles and my growing trust in myself and life. My personal brand and my Clean Treats brand is about being real, not fake (so much so, I no longer use artificial beauty enhancers such as Botox or Lip plumps).

It’s not that I don’t get affected by brands, or specific people directly targeting my clients. Of course I do.
But it is business. I understand this.
I’m only trying. In some circumstances I’ve left the door wide open for this to occur, basically handing my competitions my (much valued) clients on a silver lined platter. Why have I done this? Because I want to share love (another brand belief) of course not, but because I’m only me. Im learning every day & as above, making a f^%kload of mistakes along my way. Where this may have occurred is only an opportunity for me to create better systems for myself and my clients to minimise this. I am only learning.

‘There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.’ Sam Walton



Good business…just do you. Do your own thing and stop the market research. As tempting as it is. I know Ive done it and wasted several hours of the most precious commodity we have; time…lost in a deep virtue making myself contemplate why am I even trying to do what I do. Sure, I realise its important to know whats out in the market, but is it really? Im much happier when Im in my own Clean Treats bubble, doing what I want when I want. Listening to my clients and consumers as feedback for improvement and growth.

‘Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.’ Andy Warhol

Respect that your competitors are also people. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Whatever they do really has no effect to you or your brand if your committed to our own progression and listening to the passion within your own heartbeat.

No one is you. When you feel threatened (and I definitely have) by another company or person…this is only a sign that the belief in your own brand is weakened. It means its time to stop for a moment and revisit your core values.

Why are you doing what you do. What is your brand about. Who are you.

There are many products on the market, and the best news is the health industry is growing. Whether you are a health coach, speaker, product or marketing agency this also means that competition is on the rise.

Trust your brand. If you are doing it for the right reasons (Clean Treats is about making a healthy change in the world, 1 #ball at a time and I believe this with every essence of my being) then what is right for you and your business will come to you. (But dont forget to work hard for it).

‘To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.’ Sr. Thomas Watson

Bad business.

I’m sure we all know what I’m going to write here.

Disrespect. Dishonesty. Slander. Attack. Etc…Etc. You know if you’re doing bad business,that little thing called your conscious will tell you.


I just want to be respected. Simple.

Im doing what I believe in. When I step out of line or away from my core values, Im quick to realise this with mistakes that direct me back to my own true path.

For this pure reason I am trying to be real, I share with you my highs and my lows that if we meet in person Im exactly who you see in my words and social media pages.

Clean Treats is exactly as its branded. Simple. Real not fake. I dont say they are the healthiest, full of superfood, eat one and it will change your life product (I do however say trade your afternoon chocolate bar for a ball each day for a week and you will feel the difference, and after eating one of my #love balls compared to packaged product you WILL feel a difference).

‘Look well to this day. Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day.’ Francis Gray

Just do you.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Create a world of support around you, of people who believe in and help you and your business. Support the people that support you.

(Do you know whats interesting, its actually the people who arent closest to me who actually help me the most…Interesting).