{Monday Motivation} Cassie Mendoza-Jones; Elevate Vitality

There is nothing better than attending a seminar & feeling the speakers words resonate with you. When you hear the exact same message {choose self love, & learn to listen to your body} you are trying to convey be heard through the words she speaks, it creates a tingle of passion knowing that together we can make a change.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones is one of these such women. A Kinesiologist, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, Cassie has recently released an Ebook for “Body Harmony Society”. The ebook focuses on The ebook focuses on “12 lessons to help you (finally) find freedom in your own skin’, broken into 3 lessons;

1. Body-Doing
2. Mind- Being
3. Spirit- Knowing

Download a free copy here.

Cassie is a glowing example of natural, whole hearted living.

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You have created the Body Harmony Society, what was the reason behind this?

I founded my business, Elevate Vitality, and I have launched the Body Harmony Society as the flagship online resource for helping women find freedom + harmony in their bodies, their lives and their business.

The Body Harmony Society is an online space for women who are tired of hating their bodies, who feel trapped in old patterns of negativity and worthlessness, who feel exhausted, drained and overwhelmed, who panic, stress and worry about everything, and who generally don’t feel safe or ‘at home’ in their skin.

On the surface? It’s about upgrading your health and your life.

But really? It’s about accepting yourself on every level. And feeling really proud of yourself for doing so.

I made it because it breaks my heart when I see women feeling so stuck, so less than, so lost.

I made it because I remember feeling so disconnected to myself, so overwhelmed, so sad and flat and tired.

I made it because I’m tired of seeing women (and dudes too) worry about their bodies.

I made it because I feel your pain when you stress and fret and anguish over how you look instead of celebrate who you are. 

And ultimately… I want to help

‘Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.’ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

When did you decide to you wanted to be involved in the health & wellness industry?

I was working as a hair and makeup artist in the fashion and beauty industry, and I found myself always speaking to the models about their nutrition and health. I was drawn to natural medicine, so I made the switch several years ago and I’m so glad I did!


How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor?  

I never set out to be an inspiration figure or mentor, I just want to help women find body harmony and help them feel balance, aligned and calm in their bodies and their lives.

I love what I do, so it feels easy and enjoyable and important to spread this message. 


Has there been any challenges along your journey? 

Of course; it wouldn’t be a journey if there weren’t challenges.

But the challenges have made me stronger. They helped me clarify my vision and my strengths, and show me where I had to improve and focus.

‘Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ‘ Rumi, thirteenth century Sufi poet

How do you maintain balance between your Career and personal health? 

I make sure to start my day with exercise and some ‘me’ time – whether that’s writing in a café for a few hours, going for a walk and breakfast with a friend, journaling or meditating.

I watch my energy levels closely and I make sure to pull back before I burn out. I give myself whole days off, and block out time to just write and do some content creation so I’m not cramming too much into my days.

My business is based around self-care and educating my clients on how to not burnout, so I make self-care a priority as it’s important I lead by example.

‘To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. ‘~Thich Nhat Hanh


What do you believe are the keys to success in business

‘Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.’ Unknown

I think this depends on every business, but I think some keys are:

  1. Clarify what your dream is, as opposed to other people’s dreams
  2.  Stick it out through the harder times, knowing that this too shall pass. This is easier when you can see the bigger picture
  3. Give yourself plenty of time outside of your business – this is often when the big, beautiful ideas will come
  4. Invest in yourself and your business – i.e.  spend time on your business and not just in it. You sometimes need to spend money to make money
  5. Find a group of people who get you when it comes to business, and bounce ideas off them. It’s important to have support from fellow business owners or entrepreneurs
  6. Find a mentor or mentors, and work out which traits of theirs you resonate with and want to emulate in your own business

What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

Chase it.

Follow it.

Make it happen.

Make it beautiful.

‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.’ Carl Gustav Jung


Top 3 healthy tips/advice? 

  1. Find what works for you… and implement it!
  2. Be willing to change what’s not working
  3. Always be kind and gentle with yourself

Your top 3 tips for fitness fashion?

I think my only tips for fashion fitness are to be comfortable, and don’t be scared to wear colour!

Share something no one knows…

I grew up horse-riding and my riding friends and I thought we’d all ride in the Olympics, and then run a horse training farm together. We even had our individual roles all mapped out! Oh, childhood dreams…

As a kinesiologist and naturopath, Cassie Mendoza-Jones helps women upgrade their health and their life. In working with Cassie, women move into what she calls “body harmony” – a state of balance, ease and vitality.

She has been described as “… leading a revolution that has both been a long time coming and is desperately needed”.

Her lessons and insights have been featured in publications such as Body + Soul, Women’s Fitness, and Gourmet Traveller, and on popular websites such as news.com.au, Vogue.com.au, Sporteluxe, and smh.com.au. She’s spoken at events and workshops around Australia for a variety of companies, including LinkedIn.

When she’s not working with clients, or creating new books, online courses and programs, she’s getting lost in a good novel, hanging out in a cafe or suiting up for a yoga class.


Meet Cassie and stay in-the-loop about her upcoming online courses, books and events at www.bodyharmonysociety.com and www.elevatevitality.com.au.

Instagram: @elevate_vitality/

Facebook: /elevate.vitality

Pinterest: /elevatevitality/

Twitter: @cmjnaturopath

I sincerely thank Cassie for her time!

Love & light, Charlie x.

Learn to love your body, its your own beautiful creation & you get to choose how you will feel by the foods you eat.