The Skin Expert…The importance of Cleansing

For those of you (myself included) that perhaps neglect to take your makeup of at night time, this is for you, I also thought cleansing would be a brilliant place to start for ‘The Skin Expert’.



So lets start with one of the most imperative steps to your skincare regime…Cleansing.

Why its important…not to mention the amount of makeup we pile on our faces to be more attractive, but throughout the day we are exposed to environmental toxins, all the suff we can’t see;

  • Persistent organochlorine pollutants (such as dioxins, PCBs some pesticides)
  • Chemicals (such as solvents, formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, some pesticides, ingredients in cosmetics or other substances applied directly to skin)
  • Metals (such as nickel, chromium, etc.)

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and its job is to protect our internal organs. Your skin is the first step of protection and an integral part of your immune system. The skin breathes; inhales (oxygen and nutrients) and exhales, it senses heat, cold, pressure . Also, what we eat becomes us. The food we choose this month, is effectively next months skin. I know myself, if I havent been on form, healthy eating, exercising and thinking…Ill see this in my skin.

Some people may experience skin disease and disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or even pigmentation as a result from toxins on the skin and in the body.

Keep it simple. Cleanse.

Theres no need to invest your $$$ on an ‘advanced’ cleansers, your cleanser is only designed to be on the skin for a few moments, which in this time is not long enough for ‘those’ expensive or ‘miracle’ ingredients to be absorbed all the way to the germinativum layer (the lower level of the epidermis).

What to use?

My advice, stay away from any product containing Sodium Laurel Sulfate (a highly toxic ingredient used by many products to ‘foam’, sometimes seen as SLS), use gentle cleansing products that don’t leave the skin feeling tight or stripped. Generally if you are left with this feeling, the products you have used may contain alcohol, or if it is an active product (alpha hydroxy acids etc) you may have over used the product therefore causing damage to the skins natural defence barrier (also called the rheins barrier). This can also be seen in the skin by an uneven redness. If you start to notice this, monitor the products you are using and how long you are using them for.

A few of my favourite organic skin care cleansers:

Aeos Cleansing Oil De-Maq; a beautiful blend of sesame, avocado and spelt oil to effectively remove makeup (including eye) and surface toxins. This range also incorporates blends of plants extracts with energies from gems and crystals.


Alexami Purifying Gentle cleanser, Aloe vera based so its excellent for sensitive skin (I personally suffer from Rosacea, one of the most difficult skin concerns to treat), white tea as an antioxidant and chamomile. Gentle, yet effective and smells delicious.


People for Plants Foaming Gel Cleanser; containing grapefruit as a refreshing, revitalising extract, this is brilliant for combination skin (especially for that time of the months ladies when you experience breakout because from hormonal changes). Also containing Aloe Vera to calm. This brand is also cruelty free.which I LOVE!


So whats the harm in sleeping with your makeup on? Well as your skin cells naturally desquamate (this means dead skin cells are forced off the surface of the skin as the new skin cells come through. Skin cells have approx a 28 day turnover process) at night time. When you sleep with that makeup on (that enhances your natural beauty)…your skin isn’t able to proliferate these cells properly (so its actually doing the opposite). They cannot breathe and in fact you’re ensuring that the makeup gets trapped within the skin cell layers causing congestion and toxins within the layers of the skin.

If you experience underlying congestion (when you run your fingertips over your skin and feel ‘something’ underneath), this may be a reason.

Get cleansing. Every night. Then nourish with renewing, active ingredients (that’s a post for another day).

So, with just a little insight as to the importance of cleansing, I hope that tonight you do (and every other night).

Love the skin you’re in,

The Skin Expert x.





What is a Health Coach?

Sometimes in life we all need a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, a support system. Sometimes you can find that this doesnt come from those closest to you, as we go through life’s trial and tribulations, we find we have to evaluate the true support in our systems.

This is where a Health Coach comes in. Different to a personal trainer or a nutritionist. A health coach is someone to support you and offer guidance so you can find your passion and purpose and make the right (healthier and happier) choices.

Its a gentle reminder to create healthy habits, and someone to be responsible to. Someone to be there.

‘You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.’ Buddha


Sometimes all we need is to talk and have someone listen. Think about it when was the last time you actively listened to a loved one? When was the last time you were heard?

As a health coach I dont recommend specific diet plans or [programs, however we work together to find out what works for you. Biochemical individually. You are unique. Your mind, your body, your lifestyle requirements. Together we can create the life you love.

‘To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.’ Buddha

I work with my clients to create balance in their lives, whether this may be in career, relationships, self love, family, business or health…they are all related. How often have you found that when you excel in one area, others start to fail? Because your focus changes. I am here to help you re-focus and set intentions.

‘Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.’ Earl Nightengale

I host wellness seminars (please let me know if you are interested in hosting one at your business). These are designed to inspire and motivate and plant seeds of positivity.

Upcoming events:


I would love to see you there!

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I offer individual consultations and programs, and also run the below programs:

Be Well; the Project, an introduction to health coaching. 21 days (including 1 week intro) to create healthy habits, change your mindset and cultivate self love. Each week works through Mind, Body and Soul aspects, with individual recommendations and feedback.

‘I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Charlie and the be Well project, not only did it truly resonate with me, but it was an easy, motivating and the first time I believe a total ‘holistic program’ has been offered, for me personally the challenges were to begin to accept myself and my journey, come what may, self-love would have to be the most important exercise I know do on a daily basis, at first it can seem confronting or ‘corny’ however I solely recommend to push through these negative thoughts as the results are more than beneficial.

I am a better person to myself and to my loved ones through the self-search of love no matter what and where I am in the journey to be a healthier person, it taught me to think more of the universal bigger picture that just total focus on the exercise and controlling my eating.

Thankyou Charlie, you really have given me the tools and basis of which I will continue on my journey to accept myself regardless.’

*Program starts Monday 3rd of March.

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I am also proud to be co-founder of the Wellness with Wholefoods Challenge (in collaboration with Angie Gluten Free).

This challenge is about remove all processed foods from your daily intake and beginning to understand the value of your food. The challenge includes recipes, exercise programs and yoga meditations.

This is brilliant if you want to take you wellness journey further.

*Program starts March 3rd.


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Do you know of someone who may be in need to some love, some support? Gift vouchers are also available.

Love & light, Charlie x.

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to attend an event, begin your own personal journey to wellness or join one of the programs.

‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.’ Buddha

Time for a change…













No doubt your feeling like you have over indulged {slightly or a lot}, just like myself.

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‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.’ Buddha

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Love & light, Charlie x.

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The best is yet to come.





Practice the gift of giving…

Christmas, a time to give gifts, show appreciation and share love.

‘If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.’ Maya Angelou

Give a gift of wellbeing to your special someone. A gift that shows you care.



‘A friend is a gift you give yourself.’ Robert Louis Stevenson

In life we are sometimes lucky enough to meet those people who make everything better, those people who have the ability to light up our world. Sometimes in life we all need a helping hand.

Be Well; the Project is a 4 week program; divided into Mind, Body and Soul.

Perhaps you know someone who needs to return to themselves? To find their inner peace, some self love? Someone who wants to be happier and healthier? Be Well; the Project provides daily healthy habits and health coaching to help you become the very best version of yourself.





‘A simple sentence to say, a simple sentence to write, a very simple sentence to read, however as life rushes by in the blink of an eye, as we continually get caught up in things that really don’t matter, it is a hard task to live by. Charlie has opened my eyes to the importance of taking time to inhale love, to return to my true self, to be calm to be still.

I personally love reflecting on Charlie’s blog, and will often have it opened as I work through my day, her Inspirational thoughts and positive words jump off the page, motivating me to commit to being the BEST version of myself.

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” – Pema Chodron.

I am honored to have been able to introduce my members, my friends to Charlie: Charlie’s presence and inner beauty captivated the ladies at our seminar. As the seminar progressed, not one of us felt like we were being judged, as Charlie spoke we all listened, her honesty was so refreshing. This lady is not perfect, she is not an illusion she is simply present, you can feel her energy, her passion and you simply cannot help but be swept along on the magical ride that is Charlie De Haas.’

Stronger than yesterday, Judie Osbourne. Anytime Fitness Batemans Bay




‘Charlie came into my life at a time of total confusion and no direction. I had just completed tough competition prep and needed some direction and guidance to get my body back in a healthy balance. In such a short time she has become so much more then that! She has become a daily inspiration not just for myself but also for so many of my like-minded girlfriends.  I think that’s ONE of the beauties of Charlie, she makes us all feel so empowered and positive and shows us how to let out ourselves truly shine. After attending her seminar I left feeling on top of the world and this buzz lasted for days (and is still hanging around). She has a way of sharing her message in a raw and special way that has shown us that we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. So blessed to have such an inspirational woman in my life and cannot thank her enough for her constant motivation, beautiful words and honesty that she shares everyday.’ Hailee





Life is a beautiful struggle and every now & then we all need some help.

Email me for more information about Gift Certificates

Love & light, Charlie x.

Share some real love this Christmas, some magic and some wellness.