Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Morning beautiful people!

(No, we will NOT start the week grumbling!) I could barely contain my excitement last night as I was working on NBB’s very first MONDAY MOTIVATION.

Let me explain…Life is not always easy, focus can come and go, good and bad things DO happen. Mondays have a tendency to have us feeling a little uninspired. Each week NBB will feature an inspiring figure, someone we can aspire to become, someone living their dream.

For the very first MM, I would like to introduce; Kate Kendall, Creator/Director at Flow Athletic (a personal inspiration to myself).


Flow Athletic was founded by Kate Kendall and Ben Lucas. Brought together through their passion for a balanced approach to fitness, they have crafted their dream exercise space. Kate and Ben met and shared their vision for a new kind of fitness concept when Kate taught Ben yoga in his preparation for an ultra marathon.

Together they envisioned a luxe, inviting and communal environment where students could benefit from combining yoga practice with cardio and strength training for an innovative and balanced approach to fitness.

NBB  review:

Flow Athletic is a new Yoga & Fitness studio, located in the Heart of Paddington. Flow Athletic offers Yoga, TRX, Spin classes, boxing and running groups plus healthy lifestyle/living challenges shared with an inspirational community of people wanting to live a healthy, positive life.

Flow Athletic is MY time away from the world, MY time just for ME and to reward and honour my body, whilst taking amount to appreciate the essence that is the universe.


*These are the entry stairs to Flow, as soon as I saw this image, I just KNEW I had to belong to this studio.

Monday Motivation….

When you decided to become a Yogi?

KK: I decided to take up yoga when I was 25 after a year living in London. I thought it would be an ‘easy’ way to ease my way back into fitness. Not only was I surprised at how challenging it was, I noticed that it toned my whole body really quickly.

How did you know it was the right path for you?

KK: It was the mental benefits that did it for me and made me realize this was the path for me. That’s why I get so much of a kick out of watching others be inspired by yoga.

What does Yoga mean to you?

KK: Yoga to me is all about being closer to yourself and understanding others. It’s not just a physical practice but the way you live your life off the mat.

When did you first dream about opening Flow Athletic?

KK: I first dreamed of having my own studio when I got serious about yoga (shortly after starting yoga I would go 4 times a week). But the idea of combining yoga & fitness wasn’t conceived until Ben (co-founder) started coming to my yoga classes. We became mates and he also started giving me fitness PT. We each saw the benefits our disciplines were having on each other and from there Flow Athletic started to grow.


*Kate Kendall pre Flow opening Saluting Sydney commuters.

Making your dream reality, how does that feel?

KK: Although its hard work it feels great to have give back and create an awesome community in which our mission is to inspire healthy & remarkable lives.

How do you feel as an inspirational figure/mentor?

KK: I don’t think of myself of a role model but I do aim to inspire! I just want as many people to get the same benefits from yoga that I have.

How do you maintain balance between your Career and personal health?

KK: Balance when we first opened was tricky. I work fairly long hours but I’m starting to get into a good routine with balance. I like to do one spin & TRX class each week as well as my own practice daily. Friday nights and Sundays are my KK time. Chill with friends or spend time alone. Friends are so important and i am so blessed to have such great and supportive mates who I can share a laugh with.

What is your advice for anyone who has a dream?

KK: My advice for anyone with a dream: be persistent. If it were easy – everyone would do it; be open to feedback, advice and change; eat clean and train well and make time for relaxation to stay sharp! xx

Share something no one knows…

KK: Most people don’t know I grew up in a small country town in southern NSW famous for apples called Batlow


You can follow Flow Athletic on Facebook/Flowathletic, or contact the team:

Ph: 0414 860 072

Flow Athletic is located at: 1/134 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW 2021

I hope you found this an inspirational read. You too can live your dream reality. Believe it.

Have a beautiful day.

Love & light, Charlie x.