Lucky You Juice Cleanse…Review

I’m not quite sure how it happened but my theme for the week seems to be ‘cleanse’. I’ve spent some (alot of) time cleaning out my wardrobe, cleaning my space, my thoughts and it worked in perfectly that I got the opportunity do a 3 day Lucky You juice cleanse.

This cleanse is 3 days of consuming only organic, fresh pressed juices, coconut water and water (as seen in the hands of Miranda Kerr, I will definitely have what shes having).


Now, I’m quite a healthy person, although I do believe in 80/20 or 90/10, practicing a healthy lifestyle most of the time and enjoying a treat every now and then. However I will be honest with you, with the release of my book (I did refer to this as my baby and the 5kgs that came with it, my baby weight), I have been a little more relaxed as I’m trying to find my own time/work/fitness/motivation schedule.

Needless to say, I was desperately feeling like it was time for a cleanse. I had seen Lucky You cleanses and decided they looked like the best option (plus I had tried their Cashew Nut Mylk at an event which was so delicious and yummy I couldnt wait to have it again).

Like anything with nutrition, health, fitness, any industry really, there will be people ‘for’ and people ‘against’ certain things. I will reiterate, I believe in finding out what works for you.

I decided I need a juice cleanse, a program to stick to as I felt like my body needed a break, in particular my digestive system which I struggle with, but I was also aware of an increasing sugar addiction I was creating (with Clean treats by Charlie, recipe tasting).

‘Your body will tell you what it needs.’ Jennifer Anniston

Excited and ready I couldn’t wait for the delivery of my juices.



Firstly I would like to say that I am pro, eating the rainbow, getting as much colour as possible into your daily nutritional intake. Unpacking the fresh pressed juices, my senses were delighted with the colourful array…(don’t laugh) but they looked so pretty in my fridge, stocked up nicely. Part of the enjoyment of food that we take for granted is the way it appeals to our eyesight, this is part of mindful eating.


You begin each day with a warm glass of lemon water (which I do anyway) to promote  and then later take an Aloe Vera Elixir.

The day progresses with 6 raw, unpasteurized, fresh pressed juices.


Juice 1: Pineapple smoothie; including Kale, Spinach, Pineapple and banana, I have to say one fo my favourites, and fulling.

Juice 2: Green Juice; including everything green, and green is good. Lightweight and felt very ‘cleansing’.

Juice 3: Spicy Lemonade; including Cayenne pepper, I could definitely feel my metabolism boosted.

Juice 4: Red or Orange juice; a colourful palette of healthy nurturing ingredients.

Juice 5: Green Juice; collection of greens (unfortunately my least favourite but it got me closer to enjoying my fave #6)

Juice 6: Cashew Nut Mylk; exactly as it says, an amazing night-time smoothie designed to keep you full until the morning (and something to look forward to).

My experience:

Day 1: The first day I got to experience the juices, the tastes and the feeling of my body starting to remove/flush toxins. I must admit I was hungry, and I experienced a headache (due to the amount of caffeine I was previously consuming), I was in bed by 9pm and it was one of the best (deepest) sleeps I have had in a long time.  Morning movement & yoga as my exercise.

*I also continued morning movement (fasted exercise) whilst on the cleanse.

Day 2: I knew what to expect and what the juices tasted like. I woke up looking forward to my morning smoothie and already noticed a difference in my energy and mood. I had Muay Thai training and a sauna session booked. My energy levels werent 100% during the training session but it felt good to get my body moving, whilst sipping on Coconut water to ensure hydration. I again enjoyed a rested sleep.

Day 3: I woke up and noticed a difference in my stomach blasting, my bowel movements were more regular, * they do state with this cleanse you can experience constipation due to consuming no solids. The skin on my body felt soft and supple. I felt light. I wasnt craving sugar or caffeine as I had the previous days.

Day 4: Waking up, the juice cleanse is over, but I am careful not to overload my system. I feel like I have just had a 3 day ‘reset’, my stomach and digestive system feel clean and light (I normally experience tightness and pain), my mind feels clear, today I have been so focused and productive. I’m not craving sugar and I’m only choosing wholefoods to continue nourishing my body, and Im actually craving these.
Would I promote it, yes. Would I do it again, yes.



I believe its important to give our bodies a time out, just like our minds, we often under appreciate the amount of work our systems do and the pressure we put on them. Do you realise the effect of that bar of chocolate, those few glasses of wine? how hard your body has to work the toxins, chemicals and xenoestrogens?

Take time to restore yourself.

Follow the directions to achieve the best results.

Lucky You promotes the chewing of the juices to activate digestive enzymes.

Exercise is promoted to assist the removal of toxins. Reminder, your lymphatic system (the waste removal system) is only activated by manual movement so this is imperative for optimal results. I also body brushed while on the cleanse.

Stay hydrated, keep your H2O up. I sipped on de caffeinated herbal teas throughout the day also.

I am astonished at the way my skin feels, the way my stomach and digestive feels (for me this is a huge deal as I have struggle with this for so long now), the way im NOT craving sugar, or caffeine!!! I didnt weigh myself before or after the cleanse as I dont promote rapid weight loss, but I definitely feel lighter, my stomach is flat and I can see more definition in my muscles.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results’ Tony robbins

The 3 day program is $225.00

An investment in yourself.

About Lucky You:

Lucky You Juice Cleanse is an Australian based, cold pressed juice & cleanse company. Our mission is to make raw, fresh, unpasteurized juice accessible to everyone. We’ve turned many on to the beautiful benefits of juicing and the unbelievable advantages to consuming green juice …OFTEN. We operate with simplicity as our general guideline.  The finest raw fruit and vegetable ingredients juiced using the best equipment available …that’s it. To date we have followed a grass-roots movement and the company has been successfully operating on word of mouth referrals.

Why Cleanse:

Rebalance the body.
Alkalize the system.
Give digestion a rest.
Remove acidic buildup in the colon, to encourage proper nutrient absorption.
Re-hydrate the system.
Create better eating habits.

I agree that the Lucky you juices provided all of the above benefits. I am feeling refreshed, renewed, revitalised.

Thank you Lucky you Juice cleanse for the opportunity.

Love & light, Charlie x.

*Note, I was provided this cleanse complimentary for my thoughts and review.

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The Skin Expert…The importance of Cleansing

For those of you (myself included) that perhaps neglect to take your makeup of at night time, this is for you, I also thought cleansing would be a brilliant place to start for ‘The Skin Expert’.



So lets start with one of the most imperative steps to your skincare regime…Cleansing.

Why its important…not to mention the amount of makeup we pile on our faces to be more attractive, but throughout the day we are exposed to environmental toxins, all the suff we can’t see;

  • Persistent organochlorine pollutants (such as dioxins, PCBs some pesticides)
  • Chemicals (such as solvents, formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, some pesticides, ingredients in cosmetics or other substances applied directly to skin)
  • Metals (such as nickel, chromium, etc.)

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and its job is to protect our internal organs. Your skin is the first step of protection and an integral part of your immune system. The skin breathes; inhales (oxygen and nutrients) and exhales, it senses heat, cold, pressure . Also, what we eat becomes us. The food we choose this month, is effectively next months skin. I know myself, if I havent been on form, healthy eating, exercising and thinking…Ill see this in my skin.

Some people may experience skin disease and disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or even pigmentation as a result from toxins on the skin and in the body.

Keep it simple. Cleanse.

Theres no need to invest your $$$ on an ‘advanced’ cleansers, your cleanser is only designed to be on the skin for a few moments, which in this time is not long enough for ‘those’ expensive or ‘miracle’ ingredients to be absorbed all the way to the germinativum layer (the lower level of the epidermis).

What to use?

My advice, stay away from any product containing Sodium Laurel Sulfate (a highly toxic ingredient used by many products to ‘foam’, sometimes seen as SLS), use gentle cleansing products that don’t leave the skin feeling tight or stripped. Generally if you are left with this feeling, the products you have used may contain alcohol, or if it is an active product (alpha hydroxy acids etc) you may have over used the product therefore causing damage to the skins natural defence barrier (also called the rheins barrier). This can also be seen in the skin by an uneven redness. If you start to notice this, monitor the products you are using and how long you are using them for.

A few of my favourite organic skin care cleansers:

Aeos Cleansing Oil De-Maq; a beautiful blend of sesame, avocado and spelt oil to effectively remove makeup (including eye) and surface toxins. This range also incorporates blends of plants extracts with energies from gems and crystals.


Alexami Purifying Gentle cleanser, Aloe vera based so its excellent for sensitive skin (I personally suffer from Rosacea, one of the most difficult skin concerns to treat), white tea as an antioxidant and chamomile. Gentle, yet effective and smells delicious.


People for Plants Foaming Gel Cleanser; containing grapefruit as a refreshing, revitalising extract, this is brilliant for combination skin (especially for that time of the months ladies when you experience breakout because from hormonal changes). Also containing Aloe Vera to calm. This brand is also cruelty free.which I LOVE!


So whats the harm in sleeping with your makeup on? Well as your skin cells naturally desquamate (this means dead skin cells are forced off the surface of the skin as the new skin cells come through. Skin cells have approx a 28 day turnover process) at night time. When you sleep with that makeup on (that enhances your natural beauty)…your skin isn’t able to proliferate these cells properly (so its actually doing the opposite). They cannot breathe and in fact you’re ensuring that the makeup gets trapped within the skin cell layers causing congestion and toxins within the layers of the skin.

If you experience underlying congestion (when you run your fingertips over your skin and feel ‘something’ underneath), this may be a reason.

Get cleansing. Every night. Then nourish with renewing, active ingredients (that’s a post for another day).

So, with just a little insight as to the importance of cleansing, I hope that tonight you do (and every other night).

Love the skin you’re in,

The Skin Expert x.





Take a walk with Nature

My favourite day of the week…Sunday Self love day.

Today, I felt like I needed to get away from it all, to have a moment of peace and calm. So I took a walk with nature.


I let nature surround me. I felt the cool winters breeze caress my skin, marvelled at the way the sun shone down and provided me with  Vitamin D creating a sensation of wellbeing inside and out; the way the sun light is processed into Chlorophyll  to provide energy in the trees (photosynthesis); the way the trees are able to process Carbon Dioxide (toxins) into Oxygen; the way the clean fresh oxygen felt as I breathed in deeply, feeling every cell in my body celebrate. Fresh. Strong. Healthy.

There is a different feeling when you surround yourself with the natural beauty of nature.

it feels to me that my worries seem to melt away. There is a sense of calm that is created deep within me that is reassurance that everything will be ok.

When was the last time you stepped outside to appreciate the beautiful wonder of nature?


several studies have been conducted to prove that being in Nature has been proven to enhance your mood, reduce stress and decrease mental fatigue.

Just look at Wilderness therapy; where people are needing rehabilitation or to recover, needing to get back to ‘themselves’, and are sent out to live on minimal supplies, but to appreciate nature, to return to the basics. Most patients find themselves, literally, and a sense of wellbeing nad understanding, a sense of returning to life.

‘You come to the wilderness to get in touch with yourself…You don’t come out here to get away from it all, but to get back to it all. You don’t get lost out here, you find yourself. You come home to what’s important, you come home to yourself.’ Peter Dombrovskis

Interesting fact; research by Roger Ulrich, suggests that hospitalised patients with a view of nature compared to those with none, have experience improved recovery rates. Francis Kuo’s research has shown that contact with nature, even small green spaces can enhance a child’s ability to learn and pay attention.


‘Life and nature are similar concepts because nature is the study of how life  acts and interacts within the circle of existence. When we take the time to  examine the beauty of the world around us, we are able to see parallels within  our own lives. One who is attuned with nature is attuned with the practice of  living. All of nature moves in a spiral as do our personal lives. It is  important to spend time in nature because in this way we can become attuned to  its wisdom.’

‘If you ever suffer from insomnia, walk barefoot on the grass for ten minutes before getting into bed. Nature has a marvelous way of healing many maladies. Anytime in your life when you’re feeling out of sorts in any way, go to nature and find your peace.’ Dr Wayne Dyer



Nature has a restorative effect on us. Let it heal you. all you have to do is visit, pay your respects and appreciate.

So, get outside, sit calmly under a tree (this is how Buddha evolved), run with the wind, or swim in the ocean, whatever feels good for you. do it.

‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished’ Lao Tzu

Love & Light, Charlie x.

Brush your Body

Have you ever brushed your body? Perhaps this may sound absurd, but it is a daily practice I highly promote (to every single person who will listen).
In actual fact, when asked what my favourite beauty product is, I would easily and honestly reply, a dry body brush.

I’m sure by now you are familiar with the circulatory system, the capillary network, the delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout our body.
I want to introduce you to a system that is all to often forgotten about and we should be more aware of; your Lynphatic system.

The lymphatic system runs alongside your circulation and is responsible for the removal of waste and bacteria from your body, also known as lymph. The easiest way describe it; your lymphatic system is your body’s own waste/garbage removal system. The lymph (waste) is delivered to the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes destroy pathogens, toxins and bacteria. The lymph nodes are located at the base of the neck (cervical), armpit (axillary), collarbone (supraclavicular), lungs (mediastinal), abdomen (mesentry), and in the groin (inguinal).imagesCADKIPR7

So, how can we promote a healthy Lymphatic system???
Unlike the circulatory system which is controlled by our largest muscle; the heart, the lymphatic system requires manual manipulation to promote lymphatic drainage. Exercise (muscular contraction) , hot and cold hydrotherapy, Lymphatic massage (which if you ever have the pleasure of receiving one, is extremely light on the skin), and my favourite way to promote Lymphatic Flow; dry body brushing.

It’s as simple as a few moments each day (up to 10 minutes is sufficient), using a cactus bristle brush. Start from your feet and move upwards towards the Heart, promote the flow of the toxins onto the lymph nodes and at the same time receive these fabulous benefits:
*Exfoliation/removal of dead skin cells.
*Improved appearance of cellulite (seriously this alone is reason enough to Body brush every morning AND night.
*Assists removal of excess fluid.
*Promote delivery of nutrients to your bodys organs and skin (the largest organ within the body).

(Did I mention improves the appearance of cellulite??)


nourish.balance.breathe suggests a NATURAL not synthetic Body Brush. Cactus bristle is my favourite.
*Brush upwards to promote Lymphatic flow & circulation towards the heart.
*Brush in the morning for lympahtic stimulation.
*Focus on (troublesome/cellulite) areas of concern.
*Clean your Brush x1 weekly with tea tree oil/water.


And then…THANK yourself! You just started your day the right way; by assisting your body in removing (bad) toxins! No place for them in your gorgeous body!

Give yourself a little self love everyday and be on your way to Wellness.

Love & Light, Charlie x.